Psychic: Lady Morgaine

MorgaineLady Morgaine Knight Hawk

Starseed from the Pleiadean Council
GrailHeart Reiki Sensei
Guardian of the Mystic Dreams & ET Contactee
Psychic Medium
Chats on UFO’s and Communicating with Space Brothers
Birthing Doula

ET’s: “We’re Here!”
Each Session is Life Enhancing!
“Artisan, Healer, Teacher, Visionary, Writer, Rare Earth (Gaia) water & sky spirit. It is true angels do walk among us. We welcome you into this time! __ Riley Martin, UFO/ET Contactee, Timewalker
Wesak 1997, Mt. Shasta –Celebration of the Buddha… while praying before journeying in merkabah, Lady Morgaine was initiated with the Shekinah Divine Feminine Light – Nature of Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion who balances the energy, as a moombeam entering Morgaine’s spiritual, etheric and physical bodies. Four years later, St. Germaine requested of her to share this light as GrailHeart Reiki to uplift humanity into the higher aspects of themselves enhancing the ascension shift. These divine events ignited Morgaine’s own living myth –to mend the sacred hoop with one galactic emotion of love within harmonics of super luminal light and sound.

Studio, Email & Phone Intuitive/Card Readings (clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant)
GrailHeart Reiki Light Transference & Healing (beyond Usui)
Spiritual Clearings Negative Program Removals
Home Clearings, Blessings for New Business
Soul Retrievals
Birthing Doula Training
Ho`oponopono –Hawai`ian Relationship Healing
Pet Reiki & Communication
Tantra Yoga –Magdalene’s Legacy
Supplements for Ageless Body
ZenEquus –the Spirit Ride Equestrian
Native Ceremonies
Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony for your special event

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