Psychic: Annika

“Annika is the real deal – the epitome of authenticity – simultaneously a clear vessel and source of light – playful, colorful, bright light – the kind that warms the heart and illuminates the path flowing forward. Her natural intuition, crystalline energy and heart-based sharing of Higher Guidance have rung true for me, every single time.”
–Melissa Wyld, Storyteller, Explorer, and Author of “Crazy Free”

Annika is a visionary healer-psychic dedicated to your soul’s greatest empowerment. She is a Seeress, Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, and Spiritual Counselor, inviting you to dive into your deepest truth by healing your past, clearing present obstacles, and igniting your path forward.

Whether you’re seeking guidance in regards to relationships, career, financial abundance, manifestation, inner child issues, karmic patterns, unwanted habits, women’s womb healing, soul purpose, energetic blockages, physical health issues, or any other topic, Annika is honored to be of service to your needs.

Utilizing a personalized blend of several modalities, Annika assists you in stepping into the knowing of your innate wholeness, and holds space for you to fall madly in love with yourself and this ecstatic process of life.

She serves as a clear mirror for where you are in this moment, and will reflect back to you with compassion and clarity what seeds are already planted inside of you for where you want to go.

Within a sacred setting, you and Annika will flow into your unique session, including several or all of the following modalities:

  • Clairsentient/Claircognizant Guidance
  • Divination (Tarot/Oracle readings)
  • Energy healing, including Reiki + acupressure
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Sound healing (channeled song, crystal + Tibetan brass singing bowls, drumming)
  • Personalized coaching + spiritual counsel
  • Crystal therapy and prescription
  • Guided somatic awareness
  • Guided meditation/visualization
  • Seasonal/astrological advisement

Sessions available both in-person and on Skype. Discounted prices available for multi-session packages.

Annika currently resides in the energetically potent mountains, forests, and canyons of Northern Arizona, spending her time out in the fresh air as many moments of the day as possible. When she’s not facilitating a client session or attending a birth as a doula + student midwife, Annika revels in lifting heavy weights, soul writing, losing (and finding) herself on the dancefloor, communing with plants, animals, + crystals of all types, traveling spontaneously, and creating space through sound with Ritual Reset, a sound meditation group in Flagstaff, AZ.

In addition to serving her beloved clientele at the Center for the New Age, Annika also teaches Usui Reiki classes levels I-III across Arizona and the Pacific Northwest, facilitates women’s circles and retreats through the recently founded Temple2Temple Sisterhood, and supports holistic women’s wellness though her one-on-one FlowState program.

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