Psychic: Elizabeth C.

I was born with my natural “psychic gifts” to see things before they happened, see lights and color around people and objects, to see and communicate with the Angels and other Spirits from the Above. I communicate as though I am there and they are here to heal those around me.

My gifts led me into experiencing all religions and I was most comfortable with the Wiccan traditions of loving and respecting Mother Earth.

I was introduced to Tarot at an early age and I love the psychic connection I have using the cards. Pictures say 1000 words and that;s what is represented by using the Tarot Cards.

I am a Certified Reiki Master. I have taught and attuned 100’s of wonderful energy workers who some, have become wonderful Masters as well.

I have more than 40 years experience reading Tarot, Channeling with the Angels, Healing with energy, and communicating with the Spirit World.

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  1. Day started of with another store recommendation to come in to see Miss Elizabeth. We headed there, got an appointment with great help on where the chapel was with a map. When we returned they were happy to see us and then we met miss Elizabeth. She will forever be a friend to my mom and I. After our connection to spirit with her help we shopped the gems and stones with all the guidance of the staff on any questions we had. Please visit New Age of Sedona Arizona, you would be missing best spiritual guides in town.
    – Chantelle H.

  2. I met Elizabeth many years ago at a Holistic Fair in Casper, Wyoming. She was so down to earth and fun to be around. Elizabeth is one of those rare people that I immediately felt comfortable around. But then I got a reading from her, and wow! She was spot on. How could this lady I just met know so much about me and my life? Throughout the years, whenever something would come up in my life, I call Elizabeth for clarification. I appreciate knowing I can trust the messages she receives. She is very caring and supportive and always leaves me knowing what can be done to make the current circumstances work for me in a positive way. I treasure my friendship with her and even though she is now living miles and miles away, I know she is always there for me if I need her and her wonderful guidance. Thanks Elizabeth
    – Donna A. – Peace Love and Reiki – Casper, WY

  3. Whether you are first-timer, or a faithful client like me, you owe it to yourself to get a reading with Elizabeth! Elizabeth weaves her psychic and intuitive insight and abilities to connect, heal, and offer advice in an effort to help each client on their path spiritually, physically and emotionally. I have worked closely with Elizabeth for many years now, and I am truly honored to recommend her services.
    Katie G. – Fort Collins, CO

  4. Elizabeth is an exceptional reader, channneler and powerful energy worker/healer. I have been blessed with Elizabeth’s friendship and as a student of hers for 11 years. Her accurate readings have always been in the 97 percentile or higher. Her metaphysical classes have broadened my spiritual scope of awareness and understanding and expedited me to where I am now on a much higher vibrational level. Elizabeth has a very broad wealth of experience in multiple spiritual modalities. Elizabeth is a powerful mentor and friend of mine. I trust her and can count on receiving a spiritually honest and spiritually guided answer whether I like it or not. I am grateful and blessed that our paths met in this lifetime…………Michael W. – Cheyenne WY

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