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Psychic, Channel, Medium, Clair-‘All’

“I AM” an Open Channel for the Ascended Masters,
Angels and your spiritual Teacher & Guides.
They assist on ‘All’ your Questions.

I ‘soul-travel’ into the energies of people, companies, cities & your pets. I see Past Lives that can help you to understand and possibly even clear issues going on now. You can send me into the future of different choices available to you, to see the outcome; as I will experience it as if I was you, already doing it.

Get Answers You Need Now to Make the Best Decisions for Yourself.

“She’s uncanny!”

CD recording available on in-person & Phone Readings
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All I can say is WOW, what a profound experience. I am still reeling. It was such an incredible evening and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– Kate L.

Receive personal messages of all kinds from this amazing psychic channel!
Messages from ‘spirit’ and also using psychometry with Tarot cards & Crystals.
“It’s a lot of ‘bang for your buck’!”
Sign up with the concierge and be sure to arrive 10 minutes or more earlier, please.

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Our Multi-Dimensional Selves and ‘Future Déjà vu’
Becoming Unattached, Gratitude and Caretaking
The Christ Consciousness
The “I AM” Presence and Manifesting Your Reality


Scottie’s interview on ‘Secondwind with Joyce Buford’, an internet radio show about empowering women, done on 5/3/2016. Join Joyce as she talks with Scottie Littlestar today. Scottie is a psychic, channel, medium, Clair-All. They will discuss how Scottie is an open channel for the Ascended Masters, Angels, and your spiritual teacher guide, as well as how a reading can benefit your life. new

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Scottie’s interview on ‘Secondwind with Joyce Buford’, an internet radio show about empowering women, done on 4/14/2015. Hear her story about how she became a psychic at the Center for the New Age; how to connect with our Spiritual Teachers and Guides; and how to make relationships better.

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Scottie’s interview on ‘My Beauty Angel’, an internet blogtalk radio show
with Audrey Quinn, answering ‘live’ call-in listeners 10/02/2013:

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As a Board Certified Medical Doctor (MD) for 35+ years I have never believed in psychics or spiritual guides. In my world of medicine your gift isn’t scientific, so in my mind anyone who went was wasting their time & money.

While visiting Scottsdale & Sedona one month ago, I was curious after hearing of your ‘talents’ from a local guide. I was VERY SKEPTICAL, but kept returning to your store…feeling strangely ‘drawn’ to make an appointment (Honestly I didn’t know how I was going to explain an appointment with a psychic to my engineer son, who was waiting out in the car). Would he think the ‘vortexes’ that we had dismissed out of hand had somehow gotten to his mom? [ MORE ]

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  1. You continue to help me and my husband in so many aspects of our life. I did your meditation and got pregnant; you predicted many things in our lives and you helped me find my tennis bracelet that I hid and did not recall where! Found it! Because of you.
    Christine B

  2. This is Isom and Agnes, we just wanted to thank you for a wonderful reading during the “Psychic Message Circle” last Saturday. I was hoping that I would hear from my grandma and I did. And Isom beginning a new business venture was a great confirmation. 🙂
    Hope to see you again in 2016. With love and light, Agnes and Isom

  3. “I want to thank you personally for such an incredible experience. I felt a huge burden being lifted with great clarity after our call. I appreciate your bluntness and preciseness. You have an amazing healing gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world. Especially me!” 🙂

  4. I would like to report on the talent and extraordinary abilities of Scottie Littlestar. Both my wife and I have known her and received readings from Scottie for over 12 years now, and I must say her ability to read personal issues and events that are critically helpful is quite amazing. We all make our own choices, but Scottie has time and again brought to the surface hidden information and looming events that have been of extreme value to us in navigating some tough spots in life. Her counsel and abilities as a seer are very valuable and provided us with not only excellent guidance, but lasting friendship as well.
    – Craig G.

  5. “Scottie Littlestar is the Real Deal” – 5 of 5 stars
    On a bit of a whim, once I arrived in Sedona, I decided to visit a psychic. I was dumbstruck by Scottie’s accuracy about my loved ones (especially those who died before Facebook!). Since my first visit, I have also done a phone consultation. Again, I was bowled over by her ability to connect with other people’s energy and soul. She is well worth the time and reasonable price.
    CMN610 – Ann Arbor, Michigan – Reviewed April 19, 2015

  6. Hi Scottie,
    I so appreciate all the information that you gave me today. When I go to bed at night, I always do my daily gratitude and then reflect on anything of great significance from the day.
    And tonight I was doing that and going over everything that I received from the session with you and had to get up to write you this note because I was so struck by how much information I received and how significant it all was. It feels like the session was a pivotal point in my life; and I feel so much more peaceful, things are fitting into place; and I actually feel empowered!
    So, thank you again, you are such a blessing! Much love to you,
    Carolyn H. Bigfork, MT

  7. Sunday, August 3, 2014. Email sent by a client:
    Thank you for giving me such a spot on reading Friday evening.
    I was amazed at your insights into the relationships in my life. Your insights and subsequent guidance have given me a path to follow.
    Thank You: Laura M

  8. Scottie is unique and AMAZING with her gift of channeling. She is nothing but LOVE. As much as I would like to say that my encounter with Scottie was so not planned, I know better. This was a totally synchronized event. I am so grateful for having met Scottie in one of her group circles. The information and tools offered were so needed and appropriate. Myself my daughter and my cousin all came back the next day to see her and get a reading. To make this visit even more amazing: on our way home headed back to the freeway there was a BEAUTIFUL rainbow right smack in front of me, with no rain and not many clouds in the sky. Perfect way to end the perfect experience with Scottie. Love you girl!

  9. This is Rachel and we had a reading together Saturday evening. I wanted to touch base with you to thank you for the reading and for being such a clear, divine channel of healing and love…You are truly amazing! Hope all is well with you and thank you again!

    Light and love,

  10. “You foresaw the hurricane in my August reading…”
    November 13, 2012
    I sit in my Upper West Side Manhattan apartment, post hurricane and clean up, aware of the mass devastation this storm brought to NYC and NJ. I’m filled with gratitude for Scottie Littlestar’s reading in August of this year. Her guidance alerted danger in one particular leg of my business/pleasure travels, Oct. 28-Nov 11 leg. Not fussing too much I trusted the universe would show me the changes I needed to make. I waited to make changes until mid-Sept. when an increase in my San Francisco client base necessitated an additional week. So I changed the flight Oct 21-Nov 11. Had I not changed it, I would have been grounded here in NYC unable to serve clients within my chosen profession, not to mention the loss of income. Thank you Scottie!
    Annette, Gates Relationship Coach, NYC – San Francisco

  11. I was having one of those low-down bad days when I decided to seek help. I was drawn to the name Scottie Littlestar out of many names of spiritual guides available at the Center for the New Age. She divulged a ‘secret’ to me. Although my Mom passed to the other side many years ago, Scottie disclosed that my Mom is one of my guides and she has something to tell me. She would reveal herself through a dream. I connected with her last night and had a wonderful conversation with my Mom. Her message to me was to “go play”. I have taken everything I did for the last 7 years very seriously and now it’s time for some play. Who would expect that? I had my doubts about “connecting with guides” but the way I feel now… calm and relieved, I sincerely thank Scottie for her talent and assistance in my time of confusion and depression.
    J. Phoenix, AZ

  12. The first time I met Scottie and had a session was two years ago and it changed my life forever! I had spent a lifetime questioning my memories and dreams about a deceased parent and she confirmed them by contacting that parent. She immediatly knew the manor in which he died (which was not typical) and brought forth so much information that I knew she was the real deal. I have since seen her again and spoke to her on the phone once. All the experiences have been very positve and have truly helped me to heal and put the past behind me. I love that she is very straight forward, witty and has a good sense of humor.

  13. Hi. I am a science lover and a bit of a skeptic. Luckily for me, quantum physics supports the idea of psychic abilities, because it demonstrates that there is no “time” or “space”. Therefore, a person’s consciousness could feasibly perceive events that are outside of the immediate “now”. (There is no time.) Plus, everything exists and behaves as an energy wave as much as it exists as a particle of mass. So, it makes sense that the energy wave of our “being” can intermingle with someone else who has allowed development of his or her ability to perceive it. (There is no distance.) So, I came to Scottie Littlestar for a reading…partly for entertainment and partly because I’m open to the help she could offer.

    I was more than impressed with her ability to “zone in” on who I am and on what I needed to hear. I sat in a message circle with her, and she nailed the one issue bothering me the most. Not only did she name it, she also gave me a meditation that would help me deal with it. Several months later, I sat in on another message circle with her, and darned if she didn’t do it again! The most heavy issue on my mind was the exact topic for my message! In message circles, we don’t ask her any questions. We don’t even talk. Yet, she offered messages to each individual in the group that were right on target….and she taught each of us practical strategies that would help us master the situations. Wow! Useful! Each person in our group agreed about the accuracy of their messages, too.

    At a later date, I received an hour-long personal reading from Scottie. She sincerely is serving her clients with love and the pure desire to help people. If you add that intention to her uncanny accuracy, you will definitely benefit from meeting with her by phone or in-person for a reading. Oh! And I recommend you buy the cd of your reading. It’s helpful to listen more than once.

    One more note. If you have questions about specific health issues, you will find that she is a person who studies available research, and has found some amazing modalities to raise the vibration of the body to a healthier state of being. I used one of the laser tools on a pre-cancerous, red spot on my neck, and it was closed over within one day! It had been persistently red and open for the three weeks prior! I plan on studying these inventions and using them in my career.

    God bless you all,
    (I worked in the physical therapy field for 12 years, and now I own a rehab company that provides non-clinical personal training for people who have been discharged from physical therapy. We help carry out home-exercise programs.)

  14. Hi, I would like to leave a testimonial to Scottie Littlestar’s ability. I had a reading with Scottie on 10/6/12. It was later in the day after a beautiful Sedona day filled with hiking several vortexes and climbing high up on them to meditate and just “be”.To finish up that day with a session with Scottie and a subsequent Psychic message circle was as completely elevating a day as I have ever had.
    Having never met Scottie before my reading moment I will admit to some scepticism that almost immediately disipated with her knowledge of me after contacting my angels and higher self. All my questions to her were answered with a clarity that I have not gained from other reader or psychics. Her additional guidance to my life issues resonated deeply inside of me.
    I look forward to my next encounter with her whether it is by phone or in person.
    Francis (Frank Thullen)
    Superintendent/project manager

  15. September 2012:
    “Have been going to the Center for the New Age for over 10 years and have had only great experiences”
    This recent visit with Scottie has changed my life for the better. Not only did she answer my questions before I even asked them, but her advice for my future has changed my outlook. I am an older gay man with many health issues. I have been so focused on these health issues that I forgot I had a life to live with dreams like everyone else and previously thought I was only living an uphill battle. That is not how we should think. In my interaction with this wonderful person, I realized that the hill was only as big as I made it. We should see life as a wonderful dream to be created by our own minds. I can only thank her with my words and thoughts and recommend this place to people with an open mind. I have been going to this place for many years and have had only excellent results, but this time was my best and well worth whatever the cost financially. I can only hope that people who attend have an open heart and mind to benefit from this experience.
    Alan A. Peoria, AZ

  16. When I got my reading from Scottie Littlestar, she told me things that really fulfilled me. She gave me information that no one would know, even for someone that really knew me for many years. For example, she knew that I had someone in my family named Beatrice that died many years before my grandmother was alive. I never even knew she existed until I asked my grandma and then she asked one of my aunts and sure enough, we did discover this Beatrice that was either my great great great grandmother or aunt that was alive a long time ago in my family. Not only did she get that during my reading, she also said that I was a spiritual warrior from God! Which makes sense, because I am a paranormal investigator and hunt demons and ghosts, but she didn’t know that until after she mentioned I was a spiritual warrior from God and Archangel Michael told her that I am the “chosen one”. She also said my animal totem is the wolf and it is one of my spirit guides. I didn’t know anything about this wolf totem. I researched it after my reading from her and the wolf describes me perfectly. I was shocked how dead on it was! She told me later during the reading that I am going to be a televised paranormal investigator, which is my dream. If you see my show in the future, then that is just more evidence that she is a legitimate psychic. She is not only an excellent psychic, she can also be an amazing friend. If you are looking for a trustful psychic, then Scottie Littlestar is the one to go to.

    Matt Benton
    Lead Investigator, Founder, and Editor of the
    Paranormal Extreme Crew (P.E.C.) – Temecula, CA

  17. When I contacted Scottie, my dog had just died. I was devastated and had lost the will to live. In fact, she was my only thread to life. As soon as I got Scottie on the line, she asked me not to tell her anything about my Savannah as she wanted to connect with Savannah’s spirit. When she came back to the conversation, she had described my beautiful Savannah to the tee. Even down to Savannah’s favorite place for her bed. My heart leaped with joy. Finally, I felt closer to my baby. The only question I really had for Scottie was if she would be coming back to me. There was a resounding “Yes”. Again, my heart leaped with joy. She was even able to provide me with the breed and description that Savannah would come back as. When it came time to figure out how much time I would need to wait for her return, the answer was not quite as clear. However, based upon a conversation I had with a friend the day before and Scottie’s amazing sensitivity to the energies, we had determined it would be within 3 to 5 months. I was elated for much of the day. Knowing that Savannah was still hanging around with me, I took her on an afternoon walk where she used to love to go. That night was the first night I went to sleep without the anxiety I had been feeling all along about falling asleep. Scottie has amazing gifts. Not only does she know how to use her gifts, but her energy is uplifting. You can just feel her joy of doing what she does. If you are looking for someone to help you through your life’s challenges, contact Scottie. She is well worth the money, the energy and your time. Thank you Scottie for helping me through mine.
    Cara S. – Lakewood, CO
    Instructional Trainer/Designer
    Custom Training Courses

    On 12/5/2012 Cara added: “Out of all intuitives that I have worked with, your gift is the purest. I have never felt misguided by you. You are truly amazing.”

  18. Hello Scottie,
    I just wanted to let you know I came across a tape of a reading you had done for me in July 2003. The only thing I ever remembered from that reading is that you said my husband and I would adopt a little girl from South America. I didn’t say it at the time, but I thought you were completely off base because I was never interested in international adoption, only domestic adoption. Well, late in 2006 my husband and I began and completed our application for a domestic adoption, and through a crazy turn of events instigated by one comment by one friend, we changed our application to an international adoption in Guatemala, which is in Central America or South America, depending on whom you ask. I thought it was crazy that your prediction had come true. Anyway, regarding the cassette tape, you asked your guides to show you a family picture of us in the year 2010. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing–you said my daughter was darker than me, had an amazing head of hair with a shag haircut, and would join our family in 2008. Scottie, the adoption process is lengthy and uncertain, especially international adoptions. As a matter of fact, Guatemala stopped all international adoptions in January 2008, after we had already signed the paperwork and met our darling daughter, who already had a full head of hair at 6 weeks. Anyway, SHE CAME HOME ON MAY 31, 2008!!!! And she did have a shag haircut…I just wanted to let you know that predicting when our daughter would be home, if she would ever be home, (since some children are STILL waiting, 4 years later) was impossible, but you did it. I just wanted to share that with you.
    Marci L. – N/W Indiana

  19. I have been seeing physics and mediums for about 40 years. Scottie Littlestar reaches beyond in her abilities, by far, more than anyone I have ever experienced. Her reading was fun, uplifting and supportive. What Scottie said to me, made sense and connected deep inside. As I listened, I had a “knowing” and “remembering” of who I am, why I am here and what I have the ability to do. I see myself in a different way now with more certainty and confidence. I have hope. I am so grateful for Scottie. I recommend Scottie with all of my heart and soul. She is a gift from Above.
    Sharon G. – New Jersey

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