Psychic: Sunny

Sunny Sims is a Cosmic Multi-dimensional channel, and visionary artist. Her ability to receive the highest vibrational light transmissions and activations in alignment with your God Presence allows her Personal Alchemical God Codes© to provide evolutionary leaps in the DNA. These Personal Alchemical God Codes© purify and heal stagnant energies and open heart and neural pathways. Sunny’s Illuminated Art purifies, aligns and brings deep peace and awakening to the Nature of Self. Sunny brings the Light of Cosmic Angels and Masters into every session. She is a Reiki Master, Belvaspata practitioner and has received high initiations in the Solar Sophia Light. She embodies the massive gateways of the Sun. She believes the purpose of her work is remove the nature of illusion to bring the light of Grace to Humanity.
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  1. Your creations transport me to other realms. It is very intimate. Very personal. Very loving. Filled with golden light and vibrant colors. It illuminates who you are and where you want to go. Other energies can reach through Sunny’s work and communicate with you…and you to them. Her creations are pathways, holograms, vortexes, gateways of infinite beauty in which we can be transported, give and receive.
    – AliAmma Joy C. , NJ

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