I Marry All Versions of Me

Nancy Lake
Nancy Lake

I Marry All Versions of Me
by Nancy Lake
I have been blessed in being able to do my Spiritual Purpose at The Center for the New Age, where I work as a psychic Medium. I am able to access the Akashic records, which have been described as containing all knowledge of human experience and the history of the Cosmos. They are metaphorically described as a library, a universal computer and “The Mind of God”. They can be accessed through Astral Projection, deep hypnosis, or by a clairvoyant such as me. When my guides take me on a tour of the Akashic records, certain books open before me. Instead of words, a living scene unfolds.
Some of the people I channel for have had past life experiences as a grizzly bear, as a mermaid, and even as a dragon. I personally, have another name and look like an angel. And let me tell you, there is nothing “vanilla” about this angel. That realm is colorful and there are thousands of very active angelic beings. In one vignette, I astral traveled to, I was sitting in an amphitheater. There were 200 angelic beings waiting for guidance. Just then Jesus appeared and began to speak. He was so beautiful and charismatic that I felt lightheaded and faint. It was blissful and it felt like he was speaking only to me. We joked and laughed. When I say laughed, I mean robust, loud, grab your side because it hurts, laughter. He is not the solemn, austere, stereotype some prefer to believe. There is a much fuller version to behold.
The Akashic Record is like an immense photographic film. In it I have been able to step in and out of the lives of some famous and notorious souls. And some of those lives have not been so terrific. In one lifetime, I saw that I committed suicide because of a deformity and the humiliation it caused my family. Now I can welcome that version of me. I now know it was a mistake to take my life without learning from my pain.
My sons, Zac and Jason and I have been together in another lifetime as Pirates in the Caribbean. Not the Disney ride but the real thing. Even though it was adventurous, all the Gold wasn’t worth the pain of being drowned and shipwrecked without ever experiencing love. So you see not all past lifetimes are glamorous.
In one I woke up screaming as I laid in a sarcophagus in Egypt with hot liquid being poured over me. I wasn’t dead; I was just paralyzed and couldn’t scream. I was some kind of “Nefertiti” type princess whose beauty they were preserving. Talk about the price of beauty. I’ll take a few flaws anytime.
Another lifetime was being a monk and walking alongside of St. Francis of Assisi. Like him, I could speak to animals and understand them. I remember being cold and hungry. When I looked at my feet, they were bleeding. The lesson I learned was it is not necessary to live in extreme poverty to be spiritual.
This Nancy life is full of creation and ripe with experience. I don’t wish to miss new revelations by looking behind. When I do past life readings, I ask that the lives most pertinent to the current life be brought forward. Very often there is a theme developed on relevant lives that I’m allowed to see.
Usually a light goes on for them as well as me. Themes seem to be leadership, more awareness in a certain area, greater compassion, and a general acknowledgement of what is truly important for them.
Even though I don’t require full conscious awareness of all versions of me, it is nice to know that they exist. I honor all of them and I can draw on the full smorgasbord of experienced lives if I have that need. I am at play in the field of the Lord. Each day brings promise and more soul evolution and transcendence. Here’s to experiencing and loving all that we are and the strength to persevere. Cheers!

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