Featured Psychic: Rachel

Psychic: Rachel
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Forty years as an inspirational and teaching Spiritual Reader, on television, radio, in newspapers and magazines, nationally, a Reading with Rachel always guarantees positive and empowering channeled insight accurately guiding each individual in every aspect of their life. Most Readings generate profound emotional healing by the angelic channeling about your life.
She’s been heard on Sedona radio weekly, and chosen by Sedona’s newspaper for its spiritual columnist. Her wisdom can be read worldwide on their website. Of her tens of thousands of clients, which include celebrity, political and spiritual leaders, she is heralded as ‘truly a gift to this world,’ citing ‘everything you said came true,’ ‘I felt whole and healed,’ and ‘best Reading of my life.’ She is considered the ‘go to Reader’ by other Readers seeking positive insight and guidance for themselves.

Rachel has innate, as well as become expert in countless spiritual tools that create a knowing for each individual’s guidance, that the truths she channels and shows you through these many paths, shown in diverse formats, creates an accurate and well-rounded whole picture of one’s life, including relationships, career, health, finances, family, home and inner life. You can ask her anything and receive a precise and empowering response from loving Spirit.
She is an expert in astrology yet every Reading includes all of her vast esoteric expertise listed above. Astrologically, even without a birth chart, she knows all your birth planets, signs and degrees, progresses them to this year showing who you are now, and knowing where the current transiting planets are located, what is going on in your life, when changes have and will occur, in what way, not only with you, but anyone you inquire about.
Tarot paints a pictorial of your life in every aspect, and often the layout is not set in stone, whereby loving Spirit can guide your outcomes into more positive ones, if you use the guidance that comes through for you. If anything negative shows, it is generally what you may be experiencing currently and new perceptions and outcomes can be experienced, based on your free will choice. Numerology brings even more focus, your cards of destiny reveal your year in 52 day segments and what they will bring you. Dreams can mean many things, often including guidance about what’s ahead. Past life insight sheds clarity on yourself and relationships. Often we can see the times, locations and what you carry from them in your subconscious expressions.
Your guides and dear ones passed over are likely with you during your session, and there can be great love and healings in store. Her stature as an interfaith minister and warm, loving personality ensure you are being guided only with a positive light. Never scary and negative, as God always shows the goodness and positive ways to skirt and understand energies you may be facing.
As a sensitive child, I saw the unseen along with the seen, felt energies and knew I wanted to dedicate my life to helping people heal emotionally by giving them the eyes and ears to see and hear the wonderful realities beneath the veil of what we call reality, that are waiting for them to embrace, enabling a blissful and abundant loving, peaceful lifetime. I spent my life studying, experiencing, living and teaching the esoteric sciences. Some teachers were Louise Hay, Dr. Brian Weiss, Deepak Chopra, and I was selected for the higher teachings of the Psychic Science Institute.
Rachel has been asked to speak on many radio shows in Florida, for years, including live daily giving individual astrology guidance for each day, live weekly giving astrology and tarot Readings for call-in listeners, and has been on Sedona radio weekly giving weekly astrology.
Rachel was sought out by TV’s Extra to produce a segment just about her in what they called her unique positive and empowering spiritual guidance, and was featured in several CBS TV shows. She has been quoted in the Miami Herald, touted in the Boca Raton News, and had regular spiritual columns in a vast array of newspapers and magazines, including national. Sedona’s newspaper, Red Rock News, selected Rachel as their spiritual columnist, and her articles can be read online as blogs.
If you can sense the nurturing, soothing comfort; honesty, integrity, peaceful demeanor, love, and four solid decades of professionally sought intuitive wisdom, by looking at Rachel, her energy may be the fit you are sensing for yourself. Let your intuition reveal if you resonate together to fulfill your needs. Be sure to ask about the GIFTS she generously offers.


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