Angels Among Us

The word angel means messenger. Angels bring us messages from our Divine Creator. They are also here to protect us and help us. There have been hundreds of stories of people seeing angels during near death experiences.
I was once in a terrible truck accident. There was no one around for miles. No other cars could stop. But as I climbed out of the overturned vehicle, I was greeted by four men in plaid shirts. They said, “Fall out we’ll catch you”. I did and they did. Then remembering I didn’t see my purse, I turned around to search for it. When I looked back they were gone. I believe they were angels. There was no physical explanation. I know we think of angels as having wings and flowing robes. Mine had plaid shirts.
Doreen Virtue, best selling author of many angel books, says that the angels told her that the reason they have wings is due to our Western expectation. The original painters of angels mistook their aura of light for wings, so they depicted wings in their paintings. Angels now appear with wings so we will know they are angels.
71022-01I was watching my granddaughter one day when I noticed she seemed to be having a conversation with her left shoulder. When I asked her who she was talking to she said, “my angel, you know the one who knew me before I had feet.” I have heard similar stories from parents who visit our center.
We have an Aura Camera at our Center, occasionally we will notice the person seemingly having an angel in their picture. Usually its when they are having a challenge in their life. I think the angel wants them to know they are not alone.
Mentally ask your angels to help you with some area of your life. Then notice what help comes to you after you have made your request. It could be an impulse or a strong feeling you have. Or a person may just hand you a book with the solution. For this to work, you have to first ask because we have free will and they like to be asked. Then notice what happens even shuttle inspiration can be your angel talking to you.

About the Center for the New Age

Spirit guided us to this special place which centuries earlier was used by ancient people as a ceremonial site. We were guided by Spirit to open the Center at this place which is now the heart of spirituality in Sedona.
We’ve searched the globe and pulled the most accurate Psychics and Healers and amazing Massage-Therapists from all over the world who have come here to be part of this special community, whose energy makes them even more psychic. Their services are offered at the Center daily and by phone at (928) 282-2085.
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