Psychic: Scottie

Psychic: ScottieSpiritual Psychic of Sedona

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Our ‘Senior Psychic’ since 1995!

Psychic, Channel, Medium, Clair-‘All’

Palm Reading & Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

“I AM” an Open Channel for the Ascended Masters,
Angels and your spiritual Teacher & Guides.
They assist on ‘All’ your Questions.

I ‘soul-travel’ into the energies of people, companies, cities & your pets. I see Past Lives that can help you to understand and possibly even clear issues going on now. You can send me into the future of different choices available to you, to see the outcome; as I will experience it as if I was you, already doing it.

Get Answers You Need Now to Make the Best Decisions for Yourself.

“She’s uncanny!”

CD recording available on in-person & Phone Readings
Available for individuals, couples, groups, parties & corporate events

Psychic Message Circle

Psychic Message Circles
Saturdays at 7pm; Sundays at 6pm.
$20; Children 15 & under are free.
Receive personal messages of all kinds from this amazing psychic channel!
Messages from ‘spirit’ and also using psychometry with Tarot cards & Crystals.
“It’s a lot of ‘bang for your buck’!”
Sign up with the concierge and be sure to arrive 10 minutes or more earlier, please.

Scottie’s Articles

Our Multi-Dimensional Selves and ‘Future Déjà vu’
Becoming Unattached, Gratitude and Caretaking
The Christ Consciousness
The “I AM” Presence and Manifesting Your Reality


Scottie’s interview on ‘My Beauty Angel’, an internet blogtalk radio show
with Audrey Quinn, answering ‘live’ call-in listeners 10/02/13: [audio:]