Gargoyle statues are meant to protect any dwelling from evil spirits. Gargoyle statues are widely used all over the world for decorative purposes as well as the belief that they repair all negative energy. Many churches, historic buildings, and cemeteries adorn gargoyles. Europe seems to favor them the most.
Within Paganism and Wicca, gargoyle statues are primarily used as a protection for the home and altar. Many Wiccans and Pagans tend to place the statues close to their altars to keep negative influences from contaminating their sacred space.
Originally gargoyle statues were carved by architects and used as water spouts to divert water from the buildings. In Medieval times they were used to ward off evil and act as guardians of the church to keep the terrible spirits of evil away and it was believed they were inspired from a written passage in the Bible.
Some believe they were inspired by the skeletal remains of ancient dinosaurs. Others believe they are representations of the deep rooted elements within human nature in men’s expression of subconscious fears or attempts to define or embody evils of the world into manageable elements.
Whatever their true origins, these awesome visual images have been with men for hundreds of years and they still seem to catch and inspire the imagination of modern society. They do indeed have a spirit of their own.

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