Becoming Unattached, Gratitude and Caretaking

GratitudeBecoming Unattached, Gratitude and Caretaking
Scottie Littlestar –Spiritual Psychic of Sedona

Many of us are working on becoming unattached to physical things, other people’s dramas, etc., while at the same time wondering why things that we care about seem to disappear or leave our lives. This article came about from a conversation I had with a friend who keeps losing things and has also been struggling with whether to sell her fine furniture that has been in storage for a long time. Well, here is my take on becoming unattached, gratitude and caretaking:

We are so powerful, that even a slightly negative thought or one that we consider to be negative can manifest themselves into our reality somehow and quite quickly. That’s because thoughts really aren’t just thoughts. They are a vibrational energy that we are constantly putting out into our reality and by the Law of Attraction, they automatically pull in an experience of similar vibration. For example, if you are working on not being so attached to money or physical possessions, you might also be losing things, misplacing them, or having them stolen.

Being unattached and being a real caretaker of our possessions can sound like an oxymoron, but if understood, really isn’t. Becoming unattached is really just a mental and emotional ‘state of being’, so as not to have too much energy or thoughts invested into any one thing or getting involved with others dramas and therefore, not throwing us off balance.

As far as our owning things…we are just ‘caretakers’ of anything that we have…and if an item goes missing, then someone else has become the caretaker and we can use being ‘unattached’ to not get upset about the item that’s suddenly gone. However, it’s how we caretake something that will determine whether we will continue to be the caretaker or not. How many of us say “I am grateful for my car, my house or relationship that I have” and how often? When we are in gratitude and putting out that vibration, then more of that similar energy is going to be drawn to us.

This is a lesson. But, is the lesson in letting go? For when we let go, we have all that we need. I remember reading a saying that was from some Buddhist teachings that went something like this: “When we cease the need to be seen, heard, or loved…we have it all.”

Or…is it a lesson in caretaking? If items are not being used, seen, or appreciated, then this could create stuck energy. In “The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn” (a book I recommend quite often, carried at the Center for the New Age), there was a woman who owned a beautiful necklace…but never wore it because it was quite valuable, so she kept it in a safe deposit box. She was having difficulty getting something that she really wanted and Florence told her that she was blocking the flow of energy by not allowing the necklace to go to someone else that would wear it, so it could be seen and appreciated. She decided to give the necklace to a relative that admired it and only then, got what she wanted. She was literally blocking her abundance from coming in, by having her fist closed (so to speak) over owning the necklace and keeping it hidden away.

If you are not using an item, or you have things in storage or put away, and it is truly your desire to ‘lighten your energy’ then maybe it’s time to let things go to someone that can appreciate them…and possibly put some extra cash into your pocket. It’s a nice exchange… someone gets your items that can use and appreciate them and suddenly you have cash flow coming in or whatever else you’ve been wanting.

If you are moving and contemplating whether to transport everything that you have, you might consider this: If you let everything go that’s in the location you’re in now…so you don’t have to pay all the extra money to transport it, store it, etc…you’ll find exactly what you need, when you get there. And, if you do love something so much that you can’t part with, then make sure you are using it, displaying it and appreciating it.

If you want to draw money to yourself, place a large bill or a wad of money in between your hands and say out loud, “I looooove money and money loooooves me!” It’ll feel really weird at first because of all of our past upbringings…but if you continue to do that from time to time, it’ll help it to flow easier to you.

Wishing you loads of abundance,

Scottie Littlestar –Spiritual Psychic of Sedona


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