Malachite Inventory – Sep 2018

MALACHITE: “Stone of transformation” assisting one in changing situations, clearing and activating all chakras, clarifying emotions, equalizing and balancing ones pathway, and attaining goals. Enhances fidelity in love, instinctive and intuitive reasoning, loyalty in partnerships, responsibility in business, and spiritual and psychic activation. Helps with vertigo, asthma and arthritis. Call 928-282-2085 to Select Your Favorite … Read more

Larimar Inventory – Aug 2018

LARIMAR: Opens and activates the crown chakra providing practicality within spiritual development. Provides guidance to illumine the mind, clarity in understanding situations of stress and provides healing of strife. Assists in the amelioration of the anguish associated with hostility, fighting and wars. Helps in the treatment of fevers, trauma, noise fright, etc. Call 928-282-2085 to … Read more


Carnelian influences all aspects of the Sacral Chakra including primal feelings, sexuality, desire, procreation and pleasure. At the same time, carnelian governs the utilization of creative force and directs self toward divine devotion. This gemstone carries the ability to awaken latent creative potential; brings one the ability to release sorrow, fear and rage and stimulates … Read more


Protects the aura and aligns the subtle bodies. “Temple of the stars” which brings the light of other planetary beings to the soul. Provides clarity of inner sight, transforms intuition into intellectual thought, assists with changes and attracts strength/perseverance. It unites the personal self, helping with advancement toward ascension. Provides vitality, originality and precision of … Read more

Fluorite brings order to chaos

Fluorite is the stone of discernment. It increases the ability to concentrate and see truth behind illusion. It provides protection against disease. It helps in the treatment of infections, tumors, bone structure and RNA/DNA. Although fluorite comes in different colors such as green, yellow, blue, the most striking is the purple. There is a green … Read more

Symbolic Gestures

Mudras are a non-verbal mode of communication and self-expression, consisting of hand gestures and finger-postures. They are symbolic sign-based finger patterns taking the place of, but retaining the meaning of the spoken word. Mudras have some kind of influence on the energies of the body or on one’s mood. They are also used to evoke … Read more

Free Weekly Horoscope – Dec 24 to Dec 30

#Horoscope #Aries #Taurus #Gemini #Cancer #Leo #Virgo #Libra #Scorpio #Sagittarius #Capricorn #Aquarius #Pisces #Horoscope – overview of this week The Center for the New Age is pleased to present your Free Weekly Horoscope for December 24 – December 30, 2017 Receive our Free Weekly Horoscope in your Inbox Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra … Read more