Crystal Skulls: Magic or Myth

Crystal SkullsCrystal skulls are not uncommon. Thousands are produced in Brazil every year. But there are a handful of them that have fueled intense interest and controversy among archaeologists and scientists for more than a century. There may be a dozen or so in private collections and museums that are believed to have been carved thousands of years ago by ancient civilizations. Most of which have been found in Mexico and Central America.

These are the ones that cause so much interest.

Some people think they are relics from the lost civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Others believe that they are proof that extraterrestrials visited the Aztec, Are they are indeed record keepers like some kind of computer chip that records history and store energy? This is not that hard for me to believe, since everything is energy and has memory.

Recent electron microscope analyses of the skulls by the British Museum and the Smithsonian Institute reveal markings that could only have been made by modern carving tools around the eighteen hundreds, if you even consider that “modern”. But the fact remains that no one really knows and there is still no way to accurately determine the age or the origin of many of the skulls. So the mystery continues.

Of course many psychic and energy sensitive people believe that these skulls have supernatural powers and claims of healings and expanded psychic abilities from being in the presence of these skulls are highly publicized. They are made of large masses of crystals with known healing properties such as amethyst, smoky, citrine and other natural healing crystals, If you have had any experience of some of these crystal matters, you may very well have experienced this power.

The Mitchell–Hedges Skull is made of clear quartz and because of its smaller size, it’s referred to as “she”. It is believed it was carved with diamonds, since no sign of metal scratches can be found on it. That being the case, it would have required 300 years of man hours to complete. Sounds pretty impossible to most researchers.

There is a British Skull in England since 1898 and a Paris Museum Skull. There is also a clear Mayan Crystal Skull and an Amethyst Skull that were discovered in Guatemala and Mexico and brought to the United States by a Mayan Priest. Again both of these were impeccably cut against the Axis of the Crystal.

There is a Texas Skull known as “Max”, originating in Guatemala. Then there is an ET Skull found in the 20th century in Central America. Its pointed head and exaggerated overbite resembles what most people claim aliens to look like. A Rose Quartz Skull near the border of Honduras has a movable mandible. It is a life size skull said to be donated by a Brazilian Gem dealer in 2004.

More skulls have cropped up and regardless of the unearthly qualities and properties, the question remains. Are they a legacy of a higher intelligence, extraterrestrials, or beings from Atlantis and Lemuria? Regardless of when the work was carried out, be it 500 years age or 5 years ago, we still don’t have any idea as to why or how they did it.

I myself am skeptical, even though I have been in the crystal business for over 20 years. I must say however, while writing this article, I curiously walked into the room where the shooting of the skulls aura was happening and I was unexpectedly blown away by the whoosh of energy emanating from this huge skull. I sat down in a chair in the next room, speechless, not knowing what to expect next. As Jamie took its Aura Picture and revealed her findings, I was pretty amazed. All I can say is: “you’ll have to see for yourself.” The show should air in a couple of months. I’ll keep you posted.


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