Free Weekly Horoscope – Jan 20 to Jan 26

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra,
Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Overview of this week

The Center for the New Age is
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your Free Weekly Horoscope
for January 20, 2013 — January 26, 2013

Free Weekly Horoscope

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra,
Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Mercury in Aquarius is trine Jupiter in Gemini on Tuesday. Mercury and Jupiter are both in air signs, bringing opportunity in the form of knowledge and information. This aspect holds the potential for harmonious advancement. Mercury brings news and information while Jupiter brings joy, wealth and prosperous change. This is a good time to advertise and to put your information out there. Mercury trine Jupiter may be an advantageous time to ask for a job or a loan or a good time to provide a service which could have a bearing on a potential promotion. This is an especially good time to look openly for opportunities while sharing information and to promote oneself and one’s capabilities. This is a day to be flexible. Adapting to new, expansive ideas and interesting, unusual information opens doors we didn’t know existed.

Mercury is square to Saturn as of Friday. This aspect affects communication and information in a way that is often difficult. We may feel somewhat withdrawn, wishing to keep our opinions to ourselves and focus on matters requiring much concentration. Mercury governs communications and the square aspect presents an obstacle that makes it difficult for information to penetrate or interferes with meeting deadlines. Responses generated may not accomplish the desired effect. It is wise to use caution when attempting communications during Mercury square Saturn especially with regard to matters of time and timing.

Life improves as the Full Moon in Leo on Saturday captivates our moods with a wild and instinctual push leading to playful, imaginative and creative expressions. Most of us are easily drawn towards the need to find warmth and affection, or just plain attention, but restlessness strikes the heart. It is no wonder that we sometimes immerse ourselves in wild moods. Such moods as these will get the chance to break out of their cage with the Full Moon. There may be an opportunity to enhance and harmonize friendships and family situations in a fulfilling and enriching manner. This is a good time to stretch out your paws, seek warmth and light, enjoy affectionate hearts and to reaffirm the strength of willpower.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra,
Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

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Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign

AriesAries: When something works perfectly, it is usually because the separate parts of the thing in question are all functioning correctly and operating in harmony with each other. All the separate parts come together to work as a whole. You could call this teamwork. As the Full Moon falls in your zone of self-expression, you may need to consider how you can manage to still be yourself while being a part of something bigger. The trick is to not lose your identity or suppress your individuality. Until you realize how you can do this, there may be a little tension, but you will work things out. And then your individual contribution will create something bigger and better than if you had not joined forces.


TaurusTaurus: There may be a little tension in your world around the Full Moon on the 26th, and it may challenge you to find the balance between home, relationships and your professional life. Your attentions might be on the world out there and the part that you want to play in it, but it would seem that people close to you need your time and attention too. While this is a good time to push forward with your ambitions, to reach for success and achievement you also need to pay attention to that which really matters since a Taurean without a solid base and nurturing home life achieves little of any value in the external world.


GeminiGemini: Saturn’s job this year has been to help you get real in every area of your life, especially business and work matters, your health and your relationships. Remind yourself too that the past two or three weeks were exceptionally heavy, astrologically speaking, but as of January 21, the light returns and you will soon be smiling again. Just remember to take with you the lessons that you learned during the beginning of the year. When in a positive mood and feeling good about the world, the accuracy of wishes coming true are more than chance would expect, so whether we are feeling positive or negative not only affects what comes back to us but also our ability to make good choices. This week as the moon grows full in your mental zone, your challenge will be to keep your thoughts and feelings positive; you can do it!

CancerCancer: If you’re feeling tired or drained, perhaps you need to switch your focus from all the things you feel you have to do to things that you would actually like to do, and if you can share some of those things with others, then so much the better. This week’s Full Moon brings frustrations in finances and other material matters to a head. Perhaps there’s a restriction that you can’t seem to get past or a decision that can’t be made until other pieces of the puzzle are in place. Adopting a moment to moment approach may be the only solution for the time being, but once the Full Moon has passed, things will become much clearer.


LeoLeo: Your emotional temperature is likely to be raised during this week’s Full Moon with January 26 likely to be a particularly "hot" day. Try to maintain your dignified composure during what might be an intense time. It would be all too easy to succumb to the addictive allure of high drama, but it would be much better to go for a run, take a hike over the hills, or have a good workout at the gym. All these are far healthier ways of releasing stress and tension than getting embroiled in conflict and argument or allowing fear and anxiety to take hold.


VirgoVirgo: This week the focus shifts from creative ventures and making authentic choices to your daily life and work, so whatever was going on for you during the past few weeks is now ready to be implemented in your life. In fact, this week’s Full Moon on Saturday could bring about a sense of completion and a readiness to move on to the next stage. So long as you go with this and don’t resist the changes or your own impulses for change, you will find yourself moving toward greater success –whatever success means to you.


LibraLibra: It’s time for some much needed fun and lightheartedness. Recent weeks have seen you in a deep and contemplative frame of mind, and much good will have come from that. Perhaps you experienced a shift of some kind or a healing, and now it’s time to enjoy yourself and regain your characteristic Libran love of life. Make time for pleasurable activities as well as lots of relaxation. Now is also the time to get creative and express the colorful side of your nature or to spend more time in the company of people you like. You should find that opportunities for enjoyment present themselves and even the tension of the Full Moon on January 26 won’t do much to dampen your spirits so long as you can remember that the message of this Full Moon is to stay true to your heart’s desires regardless of financial restraints or material practicalities.

ScorpioScorpio: This week’s Full Moon on Saturday is likely to bring a challenge that you’re not too keen on initially. The stress or tension is likely to revolve around a domestic or family situation and demands on you from the outside world. There could be conflict between your professional life and your home life, or a loved one could be needy of your time which puts extra strain on your other responsibilities. You’re liable to feel stretched, but the good news is that this little drama will quickly pass, likely to last no more than a day or two so if you are prepared for life to be demanding around the Full Moon, then you will be better able to deal with the pressure.


SagittariusSagittarius: In what way are you clinging to the past? In what way are you reluctant to move on? If you’re still waiting for your lucky break or golden opportunity, perhaps it’s stuck behind the backlog of emotional or psychological clutter that you’ve been turning a blind eye to. Actually, there is still time for the universe to line your path with fairy dust, but first you have to clear the decks so you can actually get to the door. Now is the time to attend to elements of your life that no longer work or that are drifting away. You are in an end phase in which you need to accept that nothing lasts forever and the more you can let go, the easier you life will become.


CapricornCapricorn: This is the time to enjoy and explore your sensuality. Pluto’s liaison with Venus in your sign is creating a strong erotic charge, and you can either express this through creative endeavors or by indulging in sensual pleasure. This is a great week to channel your energy into a relationship and perhaps discover within it new depths or dormant passions. The state of "having" first comes from within, which then results in the physical having, which then results in more of the same. When we are in a state of lack and feel that we don’t have enough or worry about where the next lot of money is coming from, we set up a vibration of lack that the universe reflects back to us with even more lack. There is a distinctly financial theme to your week. If there is any sense of lack or difficulty, the key is to change your feeling state into one of abundance and sharing. The more you can freely give, trusting that what you need will be supplied, the quicker you’ll be in resolving the problem. Don’t hold on tightly to what you have; instead, relax your grip and allow the energy to flow freely.

AquariusAquarius: With Mars in your sign, you can’t expect too much serenity because you’re in a phase where you will want to push out and assert yourself, and this will increase considerably over the course of this week. The universe is giving you permission to pursue your desires and to pay attention to your own needs, so if that means not being there for others quite as much as normal, do not feel guilty. The more you tend to your own needs, the more energy and enthusiasm you’ll have to give to others. You will be able to navigate much more successfully if you can be receptive to what the universe is trying to tell you. The good news is that the Sun and Mercury join Mars in your sign toward the end of the week signifying an increase in energy and enthusiasm. Your potential sticking point is around Saturday when the Full Moon falls in your opposite sign, leading to possible difficulties with others, but you can bypass these challenges by being open and receptive.

PiscesPisces: As the Sun glides effortlessly into your zone of the soul, you may feel a corresponding need for a little more time to yourself and some much needed peace and quiet. Your energy will be best spent in gentle pursuits. Try to allow yourself more rest than normal since your energy levels are likely to drop. All life operates in cycles and no one can be on the go all the time unless, of course, they want to burn out. See this period which will last into February, as your opportunity to rest and recoup, to prepare yourself for the new cycle in the New Year. Now is a good time to focus on your priorities and tend to only that which really, really needs your attention.


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