Hauntings by Kit LaBeau

HauntingsKit LaBeau, International Psychic Medium – Shaman

There are many different types of disturbances from poltergeist to actual processions. Normally we are not bothered by them however this year is unlike other years. The reason for this difference is the energy we are experiencing. So far we have had a lunar and solar eclipse; Venus has transcended plus the planets are lining up and getting ready for Winter Solace. All of these factors have made the veil between our side (the physical side) and the other side (the non-physical side) much thinner thus we are more disturbances.

Another thing happening this year concerns the portals. Briefly stated: a portal is the gateway to different dimensions and this year they are opening at a higher than normal rate. Again, this can be attributed to the energies we are experiencing.

Frequently, I am asked if a house can experience more than one type of disturbances. The answer is: yes. There is no steadfast rule concerning this. There can be a single or even a multi-layered type of haunting.

Recently a client asked me to come to their house and clear it. My client also stated that no one wanted to come to her home as it gave everyone, as she put it, “the creeps”. She even had her pastor and the congregation from church over and they did a prayer circle to rid her home of the negativity. But it didn’t work. If anything, it made things worse. Then she called me.

Not only was a poltergeist residing there, there was also the spirit of a murdered child who was waiting to cross-over plus a portal in the bathroom that opened and closed into a different dimension. And of course, negative entities resided there as well.

I had the home owner take her animals outside and wait. Her mother and daughter sat with her. All three heard banging coming from the house. To them it sounded as if I was sledgehammering and tearing down the walls. They heard yelling and screaming and saw a large fireball coming out of the window of the attached garage. A few minutes later, I emerged; they raced up to tell me everything they had witnessed. Inside, as I was clearing the house, nothing had been disturbed or broken and the house there was nothing but utter silence as I walked room-to-room performing my task. A month later I called my client to confirm the house was still okay. The homeowner said it was and said that her house now felt calm and wonderful. She was even having company; friends who couldn’t stand being in her house for more than ten minutes where now staying for hours.

One of the many questions people ask me about doing a ‘clearing’ is: can anyone clear a home? The answer is a definite ‘no’. Even if you are intuitive or feel that you could…don’t. Only a qualified psychic or shaman will know what type of disturbance is residing in your home and what methods to use.

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