Helping Clients with Relationship Issues

Frank‘A Checklist Which Includes Bedroom Intimacy’
By Psychic Reader, Frank Demato

Working as a psychic reader at the center for over a year I would say at least half of my clients have issues with either a current or a past relationship and in some cases choosing a lifetime partner from multiple relationships. Some of my clients have been married for a long time but the relationship has gone sour, some are in between multiple relationships not knowing which one would be the better choice as a lifetime partner and others are in a relationship but their partner has been unfaithful. Of course we all know there are many ingredients that go into making a great relationship where both parties are happy. Examples would be communication, respect for your partner’s emotions, interests and vice a versa. But right there at the top of the list, should be SEX! In the words of comedian Joan Rivers… ‘Oh grow up! None of us would be here on this planet without sex. You don’t know how many times I have heard a ‘spiritual’ individual tell me sex was not important. That thinking will only lead to unhappiness and health problems later in life. More on that later. I guarantee you there is nothing spiritual about sexual intercourse and intimacy. It is a very basic part of our human design and very ‘animalistic’ in its function. It had to be by God’s design for procreation of the human species. Acts of sexual intimacy do not involve a higher spiritual self-awareness. They involve pure animal behavior. Let us not lose sight of the fact that we are not angels nor pure spiritual beings. We do have a spirit but it is tethered to animal hormones and behavior. If we ignore this fact and choose to have a non-sexual relationship we are doing harm to our physical bodies. When you shut down the root or sexual chakra, you are in essence blocking energy to that area of the body and it soon starts affecting the other chakra centers causing disease and dysfunction of other organs because the body’s energy is not flowing properly. So right at the top of my checklist is the bedroom intimacy with regard to relationship issues.

If I see a relationship problem while doing a reading for a client, I will bluntly ask them ‘how is the bedroom life?’. Of course, as a psychic, nine times out of ten, I already know the answer. But by asking my client I have smoothly segwayed to the topic of sex which may be on their mind but not mentioned due to shyness. I find that when I ask first, most of my clients start singing like a canary. ‘We had great sex for the first five years, now it doesn’t seem to matter to my partner but it matters to me.’ Believe it or not, I have more women clients complaining about the frequency or quality of their sex life than I have male clients. There could be many reasons for lack of interest by one party. From health and physiological to psychological to infidelity. As a psychic, I can usually nail down the reason. Once I nail down the reason for the lack of interest, I tell my client to bluntly confront their partner and try to fix the issue. If the issue is unfixable I usually advise my client to cut their losses and bug out of the relationship before the issues start affecting their own health as well.

On numerous occasions I have had clients who were juggling as many as three different intimate relationships at the same time. Most of those clients want to know in which relationship they will be the happiest in. If I were to bluntly tell my client it is the relationship they are having the best sex in, they would think that I was being rather ‘Freudian’. Instead what I do is a Tarot card method which I have developed for divining that precise answer. Question is: Will I be happier with Tom, Dick or Harry? I shuffle the cards thinking of the question while asking the cards to reveal the first King suit card combined with the major arcana ‘Devil’ card. The Devil card signifies pure animal lust and sexual energy. Combined with a King card, it will give me the answer I am looking for in the sex department. I then divide the deck into three separate stacks. One will be Tom, the second one is Dick and the third is Harry. I start turning over cards from each stack. The stack which contains a King card and the Devil card is my answer. That answer is based purely on sex. Yes, my client may have better communication rapport with Tom. And Harry may be more sensitive and caring. But ultimately the human sexual drive and energy will always win out in any relationship because we were designed that way. I then tell my client that partner A is better for them sexually. They usually verify that fact. Then I ask them to either work on making that relationship better in the communication and caring department or work on making one of the other two better in the sexual department. Choice being theirs. Now my client has some tools to work with and a homework assignment. What is the lesson of the day? The human sexual drive is the strongest energy there is in our lives next to the instinct to survive. Love is universal. It permeates all aspects of our lives. But love in a relationship based purely on love without sex will never last a lifetime. The same goes for a relationship just based on sex without the love. It too will not last. The relationships which last a lifetime are the ones which have both love and sex in high abundance. And that my friends is very rare when you find it. So cherish it when you do.


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