How to Choose a Psychic


How to Choose a Psychic
By Heather Thor

Selecting a psychic is not always as easy as it might sound. Consumers who visit the Center for the New Age in Sedona Arizona have pointed out a few key items they look for when seeking advice from a tarot reader or looking into their personal horoscope. By learning about these factors, it is easier to select a professional reader who will take care of personal needs.

Look at Advertising:

The advertising is a key part of getting a first impression on the reader. Astrology is a complicated art, but it does not require a complicated flier or advertisement. As a general rule, professionals will always have a clear and easy to read advertisement.

Consumers should be able to glance at a flier or ad and understand the purpose of the flier within five seconds. A quick scan should provide information about the type of zodiac reading or psychic ability provided by the individual or company. When the flier is crowded or cluttered with words, pictures and complicated phrases, it is not interesting to read.

A brief scan of the flier gives the first impression of any professional. Even a tarot reading requires professionalism that begins with making the services easy to understand without spending time deciphering the flier.

The Friendly Face:

Getting a reading does not mean it is necessary to put up with a scowling face or someone who seems upset or angry. When selecting psychics who might be helpful, it is important to look for a friendly face.

Anyone who is getting a reading will want to feel comfortable with their adviser. Psychics issue advice based on the astrological reading, the signs and the tarot that they are using as tools. If the individual does not have a friendly face or gives the impression of anger, then he or she is not right for personal readings.

Psychics should also only provide loving advice as given by God and should never cross the line when providing advice. It is acceptable to walk out of a reading in situations where a supposed psychic has suggested demon possession, affairs or similar shocking information. It is not necessary to put up with abuse from an adviser.

The reader must feel comfortable with the individual seeking advice and those seeking help must feel comfortable with the reader. This ensures the most accuracy when seeking information beyond the limit of human senses.

Reader Information:

The reader must provide enough information about his or her background, experience and method of reading. While it is important to have some information, the details should also be concise and should only mention relevant data.

Individuals who are getting a reading will want to know more about the individual’s experience working with psychic abilities, his or her known accuracy and the form of finding out details of a customer’s life. The reader will not need to provide information about his or her personal life and should never disclose details about past customers. Only referrals are appropriate and that is only with previous client permission.

The best readers will give concise details to allow consumers an educated decision without getting bogged down in their own life experiences. This provides enough to determine their abilities without feeling bored or that the individual is too self-involved to provide accurate readings.

The Gut Feeling:

Humans have a gut feeling for a reason: it tells when something feels right or if something is wrong. The appropriate gut feeling when working with a professional reader is a feeling of excitement, butterflies in the stomach and the feeling that everything is right.

If the gut feeling shows something is off, then the individual is probably not the right reader for individual needs.

Personal Trust:

The last part of the selection is trusting personal abilities. If the individual feels right, then he or she probably is right. The personal feeling of appropriateness will ensure that the individual is the best possible reader.

Selecting a psychic is not always easy, but with the right tools it is possible. The key is remembering that only God provides all of the answers and psychics are just the individuals who act as a middleman for better communication.

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