Psychic: Jude

Structural Integration is a bodywork technique based on the work of Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979), who developed a ten-session method called Structural Integration. The purpose of this work is to re-align and re-balance the physical body within its gravitational field. Life’s demands, years of poor posture, repetitious movement, physical, mental, and emotional stress can compromise muscular connective tissue and therefore compromise the physical and energy bodies form and well -being. A web of connective tissue called fascia surrounds every muscle and all muscle fibers down to a cellular level in the body. Chronically contracted muscles are restored to their natural state by lengthening the fascial sheath. This awareness-based therapy educates clients on their correct postural alignment allowing gravity to hold them up instead of pulling them down.

Enlighten Up
~An Inner Dimensional Dance through Awareness~
The Vision Exchange invites you to our ENLIGHTEN UP online course. This online course will walk you through your relationship with yourself and your yoga practice-allowing you to become aware of your energy body, chakras, posture, breath, movement, and more.

To become aware is to turn our attention on, as awareness proceeds transformation. We will be working on directing our attention with frequency awareness and focused purposeful intention. Energy follows intent. Students will receive outlined modules allowing individual pacing. Each module includes recorded lectures, juicy meditations, yoga videos, PDF documents, online chat groups, and 50% off a private reading with course designer, Jude.