Letting Love Back into One’s Flow

I Love YouLove doesn’t ever shut itself off, but we can get pretty good at blocking it or turning away from it. I believe there is a spiritual cure for depression, anxiety and even loss. The cure is our acceptance of how unconditionally loved we really are.

When we feel loved, we feel empowered. And when we feel empowered, we can move mountains. On the other hand, when we feel disconnected from love, our world seems to fall apart around us.

Taking back the power, is a personal choice. Being creatures of free will, we can either wallow in the illusion of pain and loneliness – or seek a path out of it. Sometimes the first step is to surrender the emptiness and make some changes in our life path. Anything new will help – new people, new books, new classes, new clothes or new places to work or gather with others. These changes help create an energy shift, a healing dynamic in life’s work. They are not a substitute for doing our spiritual growth work, but they lend a positive energy to our present state of being. In this more positive state, we can tune in once more to love. That’s when real growth will occur.

Successful people seize their moments of feeling empowered by love and take risks. Some dare to reach out to others in a brave new way. Some dare to create brand new concepts and some start thinking outside of the box, tapping into the highest intelligence and presence there is in the Universe. This intelligence is pure and loving. It is without malice and without obstacles. This intelligence knows how to heal us, prosper us and bless us in a thousand new ways, but there is only one way to access its light and that is through the heart center, not the mind.

Love is within every one and everything. If we allow ourselves to feel this, we become opened up by this presence. The alternative is to block this feeling and never really know the power. We’ll still survive; we can still create and live mentally. However, this type of experience is not the one we came here to have. Everyone who is here on the planet right now is here with a purpose of love, and only love will protect and heal the earth. Remember, earth and heart are one and the same; only viewed from a different perspective.

Open your heart to love and use the power to create miracles for yourself and the entire planet. The greater the desire or longing to be a loving co-creator, the bigger and better the outcomes will be.

Books you might want to read:

“You Own the Power” – Rosemary Altea

“Bringing More Love into Your Life” – Eileen Caddy

“The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” – Alan Cohen

“I Had It All the Time” – Alan Cohen