What is a Lunar Eclipse?

Lunar EclipseLunar Eclipse

Throughout time, people have viewed a Lunar eclipse with any number of metaphysical interpretations – anger of the gods; pleasure of the gods; magical moments; influence of spirits; shamonic deeds; etc. etc. In modern times, we are enlightened enough to know that a lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Moon passes directly through Earth’s dark shadow. This can only occur during full Moon. Since we have a Full Moon every 29 and 1/2 days, you’d think we would have a lunar eclipse once a month. Unfortunately, the Moon’s orbit is tipped 5 degrees with respect to Earth’s orbit around the Sun. As a result, a lunar eclipse can only happen when Full Moon occurs as the Moon passes through Earth’s orbital plane. This occurs once or twice every year and the resulting eclipse can be seen from the half of the Earth experiencing night.

Eclipses generally bring things either into fruition, or to a halt. That particular area of your life will be affected depending on which house of your natal chart the eclipse falls in.

Despite what ancient peoples believed, eclipses do not necessarily evoke malefic results. Often just the opposite occurs. The house in your birth chart that the eclipse falls in is the specific area in your life that you will be working on for the coming year. It will demand your attention during that time. It signals the beginning or ending of a cycle of development in your life which can be either positive or negative.

You will be granted the opportunity to see and evaluate exactly what is important in your life and what you need to do – change for maximum benefit. If the eclipse conjuncts (is within 2-5 degrees) of any of your horoscope house cusps or planets in your natal, progressed or return charts, (and especially if it activates any planet in transit within any of those charts), action in those areas are especially emphasized.

For instance: Let’s say you are in love and have finally found the right person to spend the rest of your life with, but you still have that little voice in your head that says, “Is this really going to work?” What is likely to happen is one of two things. Because the influence of the Lunar Eclipse is by nature to show us the parts of ourselves that need to be released, we either let go once and for all that fear, or we take it head on and call everything off because the fear overrules our agendas. Because of the innate intensity and power of Scorpio being at this full moon lunar eclipse, as the moon is approaching full, and then her light is cast out – and then reactivated again, we get a very intense outcome of whatever we have been concentrating on. It is not like we are getting a break from the intense power of the full moon; rather, it is as if we are getting an intensified power punch of energy toward whatever we have set in motion in our lives.

It is a very good idea to prepare ourselves for this time. This mantra is particularly helpful: “I will focus my energy toward gaining success and I will release the things that have held me back.” As we do this, we have a greater chance of releasing the things that have been doing us harm because we know that the intense and transformational energy of the lunar eclipse is going to give us that power punch, and we will be ready to receive it in a way that brings positive results.

Lunar Eclipse influence

As stated above, the lunar eclipse will have the strongest influence in the house it falls in within your natal (birth) chart:

First House: You will be working on yourself. It is bringing matters to a head, There is more completion in self improvement matters, and a lot of endings for you personally.

Second house: Shows that money, finance, and values are what you’ll be working on all year.

Third House: Can be the completion of a project or the culmination of a course of study. Or there could be the beginning of public-relations opportunities.

Fourth House: There will be some kind of ending in your life, or maybe a huge move, or real-estate deal that goes through or falls apart.

Fifth House: You’ll finish some sort of creative endeavor that you have been putting off, or any personal creative experience could come to fruition. It could be the resolution of a matter or issue with a child, particularly your oldest.

Sixth House: Time will change your personal habits, hopefully for the better. It could show anything from a visit to the doctor to a major health issue. Special attention may be needed with a pet.

Seventh House: The eclipse with put the focus on relationships – lover, business partner, close friends or a competitor.

Eighth House: You will be dealing with joint finances, investments, legacies, death, rebirth and sex.

Ninth House: Focus is on long-distance travel, legal matters. People make major philosophical decisions and may even change religions.

Tenth House: Look for energized matters concerning career, reputation, and your standing in the community. This will affect your entire destiny, your purpose or mission in life. A job could end. Major clashes with authority figures are likely. With good aspects there are awards or some form of recognition.

Eleventh House: You could decide to take on more responsibility within a group or end your affiliation with one. A friendship could go to another level, for good or bad.

Twelfth: This house can be the hardest for an eclipse. Often you are your own worst enemy. You could do the best if on a higher spiritual path to devote the year to volunteer at a hospital or for a nonprofit organization. It’s an opportunity to work through any hidden issues.

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