Martin Luther King, Jr day – More than just another shopping day

A lot of our holidays seem to get turned into reasons for Big Sales, like Christmas and Memorial Day. Then it’s also just another 3 day weekend. I would like to challenge the American People to seriously think about why we created this Holiday in the first Place. This great man  stood for something. He worked tirelessly to change our Nations thinking.

Martin Luther King , Jr. was an American born on January 15, 1929, but he was a different kind of American. He believed he could actually change America.  He wasn’t a president or an elected official. He was a man the government wiretapped and threatened. He was a man people sought to discredit for taking a moral stand against an outdated system.

He was a simple minister confronting segregation and inequality.

He wasn’t looking for publicity or money. He didn’t even conceive of the Montgomery Bus Boycott., but he lit a flame that changed our country forever. No he wasn’t a saint, most of us aren’t. He was a man of deep conviction for change who was willing to do what most people wouldn’t. He stood for his belief even risking his own life. He loved this country, but pointed out strongly it’s flaws. And he was not widely loved for his opinions, even by the very people he was fighting for. He opposed the Vietnam War and angered President Lyndon B. Johnson.

So this Birthday should be a moment that all Americans to focus on where our nation is with regards to people who are willing to make things better. A call to action to address the challenges we still face and a willingness to stand up for what we believe. In a period of history where our government shuts down putting people out of work, instead of enthusiastically creating more jobs, it’s up to us to be the change we wish to see.

We are all responsible for the conditions we are willing to settle for. You don’t have to settle for unemployment and low paying jobs. You are Divine Creators of you own amazing life. Don’t let anyone steal your dream.

So don’t turn this Holiday into just another shopping day or three day weekend.  Think about what freedom really means. Freedom to pursue the American Dream. Give thanks to all those unselfish leaders who gave so much so we could have the great opportunities in this country. Dare to be part of the solution and remember what it means to be an American.


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