What is Money?


Anita Dalton, Owner of the Center for the New Age – Sedona, Arizona

I was searching some very old files today and was pleasantly surprised to come across this article apparently written by Ernest Holmes and Frederick Bailes back in 1940. Hey that’s before I was born. They read this on the National Radio Club since regular commercial television network programming did not begin in the U.S. until 1948. It wasn’t a Secret then. We have always known about the law of attraction. However we access information when we are ready and not a darn moment before. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear someone once said. I can attest to that. Money seems to be part of the game we came here to play. Some people think it’s not spiritual. Wrong. That is such a cop out excuse. We wouldn’t have created it if it was not part of the lesson.

So let’s see what the leader of Science of Mind had to say back then.

Money Is a Spiritual Idea

We should know that money, being a natural thing has no preferences. It does not like one person more than another. It will flow toward the one who attracts it, who welcomes it, who expects it, and knows that he is its master. The years of lack through which he has gone have been unnecessary. There has always been an unlimited source of supply for him, and although he is unconscious of it, it is his fault, and his alone, that he has failed to tap that source. Mind creates money just as easily as it creates grass.

We must correct the belief that money is hard to get. After all, money is no harder for the mind to make than sand. Man has placed a higher value upon gold than sand, because it’s scarcer, but Mind could have made the sands of the shores of all the oceans from solid gold just as easily as from rock.

What is Money?

Money is the medium man uses to get food with which to sustain life. A tree or a blade of grass would have no possible use for money. But it needs supply just the same. In order to live and grow, it must have nutriment. It gets it directly from the soil by way of moisture. So the nutrient moisture and money is the very same thing only in a different form. They are a necessary means of maintaining life.

The tree Expects nutriment, and sends its roots ever searching EXPECTANTLY for it. Man, on the contrary, thinks up all the reasons WHY HE CANNOT GET A SUFFICIENT SUPPLY. And here is where he gets his own way, and keeps limits himself. For he keeps Mind, this would just as readily bring him money, constantly on the job of KEEPING MONEY AWAY FROM HIM. Remember, subjective mind does not reason. It does not feel sorry for him and say, “He’s having a tough time: I’ll draw money to him”. It knows only to obey his thought, and his thought is, “Times are tough, money is hard to get.”


The tree expects food: the seagull flying around the beaches expects food; the innumerable millions of insects expect food. And your heavenly Father feedeth them; are ye not much better than they? Man is a better in that he is a thinker, and can definitely set this law into action to keep good away from him. MAN IS THE ONLY LIVING THING THAT WORRIES AND THUS DRAWS LACK TO HIMSELF. He must change this underlying thought pattern and KNOW WITHIN HIMSELF that he is dealing with a neutral law of mind which will proceed to drew money to him in the measure of his expectancy.

It is IMPERATIVE that the student disabuse his mind of the false notion that money, or health, or any other desirable thing, is something that he may or may not get according to the “will of God”. God has endowed him with the ability to GET WHAT HE WANTS, and has placed at his disposal the Law of Mind by which he himself can get it.


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