Our Multi-Dimensional Selves and ‘Future Déjà vu’

deja vuby Scottie Littlestar

Working in the field of metaphysics really gives one a multitude of opportunities for becoming aware of our God/Goddess selves, our psychic abilities (which I believe everyone is born with) and even our own multi-dimensionality.

Early in 2002, I started having a number of experiences where I was suddenly having thoughts like: “I know this is the first time I’ve ever met this person” and “I know this is the first time we’ve ever had this conversation…but…it feels like I’ve already done this before.” I have shared this with many of my clients and they have had similar experiences as well. You have too. Let me explain. We are all multi-dimensional and some of the other dimensions are vibrating at a faster rate, some slower and some are at the same rate as this 3rd dimension that our physical bodies reside in. ‘Future déjà vu’ means that you already had the experience in a dimension that’s faster…and when it catches up to you and happens in your current time, you feel like you’ve already done it before…because you did…in that other (faster) dimension. As we are evolving, our vibration is speeding up, going faster and faster, lighter and lighter, moving into our God/Goddess energies and becoming more aware of our other dimensional selves as our consciousness is expanding. I’ve been saying, “I live 3 minutes ahead of time”, for years because the things I see, hear and think, actually happen, within minutes or even seconds.

One time, while I was walking to my office from where I park my car, I was thinking of someone and having a conversation with him in my head…and no sooner did I look up, he was walking towards me and we stopped and had that exact same conversation! Another time, I had gone to lunch with a friend and spilled some soup on my hand. While I was in the restroom washing my hands, I started having a conversation with her (in my head) about how the ring I was wearing came to me. (My mentor took it off her hand and gave it to me on my 45th birthday). I no sooner got back to our table and sat down when my friend said “How did that ring come to you?” I laughed, and she said “What’s so funny?” and I said “Well, we’ve already had this conversation.” She said, “No we haven’t.” I said, “Yes we did…only I was in the bathroom!”

These kinds of things were happening to me so often, that I finally coined the phrase: ‘Future déjà vu’, to explain these experiences. While discussing ‘other dimensions’ with my mentor, as I sometimes felt a bit ‘out of body’ at times while fully awake and conscious, she said, “Sometimes I have to grab the back of a chair or edge of a table before I take my next step, just to decide which dimension I’m in!”

Here’s how you can take advantage of knowing this. If you see yourself (before it happens) getting ready to knock something over, like a glass of water, stop in your tracks immediately, because you know that if you don’t, you’re going to follow through and knock it over. How many times has that happened? We see things ahead of time and then ‘after’ it has happened, think, “I knew that was going to happen.” Well, take advantage of it and you’ll have better outcomes. Here’s another example. What if you were driving around a corner and for no reason, not only took your foot off the gas, but applied the brakes; and when you got around that corner, there was an accident that you would have run into, had you not done that? Well, what if in that other (faster) dimension you actually ‘did’ run into that accident?

You see, we are constantly looping back bits & pieces of information to us, from our multi-dimensional selves, so why not take advantage of it? Apply it to the holidays. If you ‘see’ yourself (in your head) checking food in the oven or on the stove and it’s ruined, then check on it a lot sooner, to prevent over-cooking. If you ‘see’ yourself having to run to the grocery store for something, think “what do I need” so that you remember to go in time, before the store has closed. If you see ‘anything’ in your head that might not be what you want to happen (getting lost while driving, running out of gas or oil in your car, etc.) then Stop and do whatever it takes to change the outcome.

We are all going through this so don’t think it’s because you’re getting old or that you’re crazy. It’s just that our vibrations are going faster and expanding and we’re becoming more aware of our other dimensional realities. Just remember to take advantage of the times when you ‘see, hear, or feel’ that something is about to happen that might not be what you want and take a different action, and you’ll create better outcomes more often. Happy Holidays!

Scottie Littlestar –Spiritual Psychic of Sedona

Clairvoyant Dreams or ‘Light’ Body Travel?

It is my belief that when a dream we keep having over and over comes true… it is not a clairvoyant dream. I believe that we were literally there, but in our ‘light’ body. Our ‘light’ body can go up out of our physical body and into the other dimensions where the physical body can’t go. We can go places, receive information from our guides and even walk and talk with our loved ones that have crossed over, and we do this quite frequently, especially at night.

In regards to clairvoyant dreaming, I believe that the person who (for example) ‘saw’ a plane crash, over and over for several nights until it actually happened, ‘went there’ each time in their ‘light’ body, after it went up out of the physical (while sleeping) into another (faster) dimension…and then came back down into 3rd dimension…a few days/weeks or months ahead of our current time, while still in their ‘light body’. Then, they went back up into the other dimension and came back down into 3rd dimension (our now) and wake up…remembering the experience as if it were a dream. I believe they were literally there in their ‘light’ body and felt pulled to go to an event (in some cases, over & over), because of some responsible feelings the person may have to try to save lives, or other connection to the event or the people involved. They may have a ‘soul contract’ where they agreed to help another soul in its time of need.


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