Peace by Anita Dalton


The day started with an amazing service at the Unity Church. Its somewhat magical that everything I’m working on all week, Michael Mirdad talks about on Sunday. It’s like he is reading my mind. And I’m sure most of his audience feels the same. And since my former plans were not happening, I decided to take some time and go to the Peace Conference at the St. John Vianney Catholic Church later that day. I told Robert we wouldn’t stay long and sneak out after Michael’s talk.

Well the turnout was less than expected. Why would I be surprised? It typical for Sedona. Unless alcohol is involved, we typically don’t come together to change the world. I used to have a meeting room at the Center which I abandoned years ago for lack of enthusiasm. I don’t know if Michael realizes it or not, but the turnout at his Unity services is unprecedented. Unity never got that much interest in Sedona. Not from me at least.

Being a Science of Mind Minister myself, I was extremely disappointed when I came to Sedona and could not find a spiritual community I could resonate with. I once went to a Science of Mind church years ago and would literally fall asleep, while the minister told the congregation how hard it was to make money in Sedona. Was she kidding me, Ernest Holmes would have turned over in his grave. Any way, for years I did my own thing and successfully built my Center.

Finding myself distracted with other peoples movies, especially those of my children, I decided to reach out once again and find a spiritual community I could resonate with. I went to Unity, but that wasn’t it. Then I found the Science of Mind church at the Creative Life Center. I just wanted like minded people to pray with. The music was good. And since they were bringing in Terry Cole Whittaker, one of my California mentors, I was all in. I helped them with the marketing and the event was a big success.

What started out as a friendship with the minister of the church, turned into a romance. But after living with him for six months, I decided that although he was very good at spinning a yarn, he wasn’t really living his truth. That’s what I saw today at St. John Vianney. Many of the interfaith ministers gave amazing intellectual and entertaining talks, but no one was speaking the truth they knew to be true because they lived it. No one except Michael Mirdad.

Michael knows the truth. He’s lived it I’m sure. And he channels it with amazing confidence. He leaves an otherwise bored audience with inspiration that isn’t just prepared words. He speaks from his heart with a vibration that draws love and respect. He teaches by example. If we are to make a change in this world, we have to become the example. We have to achieve what we say we want. People don’t respect your dreams, they do respect your example living your dreams.

When I met Robert, he was on the board of the Unity Church of Prescott. I went with him every Sunday for six months. They were lovely people and the service was inspirational to a point. And then one Sunday, I said to Robert, “The Unity of Sedona has a new Minister, I think we should check it out. That was the first service introducing Michael Mirdad.

Is he a God, a Guru, a Miracle worker. Hell no. He’s one of us and he knows what he is talking about first hand. You can’t fake this stuff, you have to be it before you can teach it. Some people think you can learn it as you’re teaching it. I don’t agree. It’s the difference between being real and acting. There are a lot of good actors in this town, If you want to meet someone real, check out the Unity Church of Sedona.

And please leave your ego at the door, because you know nothing.


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