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Love Cards ReportWelcome to your personal Love Cards report.

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The purpose of this report is to reveal as much information about you and your partner as possible, using an ancient and highly accurate system called The Book of Destiny. It is our hope that this report will enlighten you a little, and maybe even help you to make more powerful and happy choices in the areas of love and marriage. This report will explain many things about you, your partner, and how the two of you interact. However, in no way is this meant to tell you whether or not you will be successful as a couple. That success is always in your hands. No matter what connections you share, this relationship can be successful if both partners want it and are willing to commit to making it happen. However, you may discover herein just how easy or challenging that may be for the two of you.

Your Relationship Report consists of two separate parts. The first part is where you will find the description of each of your Birth Cards and Planetary Ruling Cards, if you have them. This section will reveal some of your personality traits, values, and other factors that make each of you who you are. You can get a basic feeling for each of you in this section and perhaps get a new perspective on who you are. This section may also reveal some of your relationship patterns – what sorts of people you are each attracted to, whether you are inclined to commitment or not, and other factors that may influence your love life.

Once you have learned something about each of you separately, you are ready to learn about how the two of you connect energetically. In the second part you will find out exactly what ‘connections’ you share with your partner that explain what each of you experiences when you are together. This is where you will find out what areas are easy or challenging for the two of you, what things you may like or dislike about your partner and why. Your connections explain how your relationship will be experienced by both of you. Some connections are good for sex, others for marriage, and others for working or business relationships.

This report was created with the intention of opening up doors of understanding and awareness. May your awareness grow and along with it, your understanding of your life and your happiness with it.

The success of your relationship is never determined by your Birth Cards or your connections alone. Though some cards have it easier than others in this important area of life, ultimately it is each individual who holds the responsibility for the success or failure of their relationship. This report will act as a guide to help you achieve that success if that is what you truly want. Pay special attention to the affirmations listed for each connection in this report.

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