Death Speaks Communication Cards Wholesale Packs

These cards were created by Abel Thomas who died in 1993 when he was 20 years old. Abel was in a terrible car accident. He was first channeled by Octavia in 2018 when he came through during a Past Life Regression with his close High School friend. Abel has since visited Octavia several times and was very clear about his desire to create a “Communication Deck” for the living to easily and effectively communicate with those who have passed. This motivation came from his deep desire to speak directly to his close personal friend, Rachel.

Every message was created by Abel to help you to connect with your loved one.



This special wholesale pack contains 16 Death Speaks Communication Cards. This is a private link for our friends, so if you got here and you’re reading this, thank you for your interest in the New Age and the incredible new deck, Death Speaks! These are bulk packages of 16 decks per pack. Order while we got ’em because they’re going QUICK!!

This very unique deck of Communication Cards was created from a Past Life Regression (PLR) that happened in 2018. Octavia was facilitating a Past Life Regression for a woman named Rachel. Often during Regression sessions, loved ones come through and attempt to make contact with the person receiving the PLR. This is a common occurrence. Abel, came through quickly and strongly and made his desire to communicate with Rachel known. He had been waiting. He was bold in his greeting and reminded Rachel of personal information so that she would know it was him. They were very close friends in High School, but then Abel was killed in a tragic car accident shortly after. Abel referenced the accident and how he died to Rachel, assuring her that he did not suffer. He was able to make contact and was very clear in wanting her to know that he loved her and was waiting for her. Abel brought up situations concerning Rachel’s oldest child, a boy, that Abel has a strong connection with. They were able to put two and two together and share memories about situations and times that Abel was “there”. The reunion between the two of them was deep, heartfelt, loving, and nothing short of incredible for both parties.

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