Psychic: Ron McLain

Ron McLain
Ron McLain

Medicine Wheel Totems
Flicker and snow goose, strong sun moon, wild rose, carnelian agate

I am a practicing Shaman and a sacred pipe carrier who takes people out on the land to help them learn to be in better touch with themselves and the elements of Nature. I counsel them for removing emotional blocks and healing themselves. I do readings at the center and at your hotel. I am also an ordained Minister. I am also a recording artist and composer with several albums released.”

I have been conducting Vortex and Medicine Wheel tours since 1980 in Sedona. I have been taking tours to the Hopi and Navajo reservation since 1982. They have become my friends and family. I studied with Page Bryant for almost 15 years as well.

Psychic Modalities
– Clairvoyant

“I have appeared on numerous television shows and radio programs. I am in the local newspapers quite regularly.
My tour was also a project for a film school last year.”

Because of the variety of knowledge and experience i have acquired form my teachers and the Native People. I teach about finding love and loving yourself.