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If you are looking for a real-deal psychic reading, then look no further than Center for the New Age in Sedona. Our world-famous psychics are some of the most gifted and experienced in the world and are sure to have the answers you seek. Whether you are looking for a past life regression, Tarot reading, reiki healing, aura cleansing or a traditional past, present or future psychic reading, we have a psychic for you.

Sedona is a well-known destination for those seeking a deeper connection to the mystical and spiritual mysteries of the universe because of the unique vortex energy that abounds here. Your Sedona psychic can help you discover ways to channel your natural psychic abilities, find love, learn how to heal almost anything that is getting in the way of you being your best self or uncover the secrets of the past, present or future.

Here you can browse through our active roster of highly effective and accurate psychic readers in Sedona, learn about their individual gifts and talents, and find the right psychic for your specific needs. Just click on the psychics photo above that reaches out to you. On their psychic Sedona reader page you can then read about their individual modalities and watch a short introduction video that will describe what they can do for you.

Thank you for visiting us and our Sedona Psychic readers here at Center for the New Age. We look forward to seeing you soon, and to being a part of your journey through time and space!