AJ & Andrea

Psychic Intuitive Healers

Guided to Be of Service

We are excited to share with you the magic and wisdom we’ve discovered over the last 15+ years as Psychic Intuitive Healers.  We’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of people transform their lives from the inside out.  And we’re ready to do the same for you.  First, here’s a little more about us…

From an early age we’ve been guided on a path of spiritual awakening.  We’ve lived all over the world, undergone many spiritual initiations, and studied with many masters.  As individuals, we each had our own intuitive healing practices.  And through channeled Divine Guidance, we were brought together by God in sacred marriage.  Since then, we’ve united our healing practices and have been working together to bring healing and spiritual awakening to others.  What makes us unique is how we work together for you.

Working Together for You

As a married team we work in tandem and bring together masculine and feminine perspectives to provide a truly holistic experience for you.  Some of our clients have called it a “dance,” which is fitting, because we love bringing fun into spirituality and healing.

How We Can Help You:

As Psychic Intuitive Healers, born empaths, clairsentients, claircognizants, and married twin flame soulmates, we work in tandem to help you find the clarity, insight and understanding you need to step into a new life now.

Our Services:

Psychic Readings:

Sometimes we all need a good reading to help us gain insight and clarity into our lives.  Having a masculine and feminine psychic working in tandem, you get more for your money and time.  Plus, you receive a more holistic reading with a married masculine and feminine perspective.

Intuitive Healing:

Life can hurt, but it doesn’t mean you have to suffer.  Bringing our energy together, we channel the divine masculine and feminine in sacred marriage to bring healing to your mind, body, and spirit.  Having the two us together creates an amplified healing field which accelerates the healing process and helps the deepest stuff move out faster and for good.

Spiritual Guidance:

Imagine what your spiritual journey would be like if it were more balanced, fun, and rewarding…  We love helping others advance on their spiritual journey because we know how challenging it can be.  With our balanced masculine and feminine approach, we work together to help you get a more complete view of your spiritual life and what steps you need to take to advance in the highest and best ways.

Whether you’re wanting a Psychic Reading, Intuitive Healing, Spiritual Guidance, or a blend of all three… With our balanced masculine and feminine approach, you get double the magic and double the medicine which awards you more opportunities to improve your life on all levels.

What We Can Help You With:

  • Changing careers or making a shift on your life path
  • Guidance on your journey of spiritual awakening
  • Letting go of old attachments or the loss of a relationship
  • Getting more connected with God and your Higher Self
  • Destressing and releasing emotional overwhelm
  • Energy healing for physical pain or illness
  • Healing from trauma and old wounds
  • Manifesting healthy relationships
  • Releasing karma from past lives
  • Changing unconscious beliefs
  • Releasing negative self-talk
  • And more…

We’re here to help you move forward in the highest and best ways as a soul.

Transformation From the Inside Out

With many modalities and many years of training under our belts, we have a variety of methods to help you get to a place in your life where you feel:

  • Lighter and more free
  • At peace and relaxed
  • More vibrant and alive
  • Happier and healthier
  • Loved and accepted
  • And more…

No matter where you are on your journey, we have the right Soul Medicine to help you feel all the above and more.

Book a session with us today, and we look forward to meeting you!

Meet Your Psychic


What My Customers Are Saying

“I really appreciate Andrea & AJ’s honesty and abilities as Empaths — they make an amazing team!  Having a Masculine-Feminine perspective brought a genuine balance to their work, which deepened my healing process…”

  • Marla V.

“I am abundantly grateful for the guidance of Andrea & AJ in the healing process! As a team, they possess complimentary gifts that provide a wholeness to their work…”

  • Amie S.

“I truly appreciate a male & female perspective that is centered on the client and uncovering the desires of the client. If you are someone ready to face the unconscious hidden blocks of your heart, this couple will lead the way.”

  • Melissa N.

“Together, in joyful equanimity, AJ & Andrea exemplify hope for the future of the planet. They provide the highest service in assisting us in waking up to realize our divinity.”

  • Ruth U.

“After working with Andrea & AJ… We listen more intently to understand, rather than respond. We Love harder. We connect deeper! And as a result, we continue to fall in love with each other all over again.”

  • RJ & Halona B.