Psychic: Aumara

I am a prominent psychic and transformational energy healer with over 30 years experience guiding others along their life path. I am also a teacher of Divine Oneness, Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach, and Channel that links her consciousness directly to a team of non-physical Master teachers to provide you with solutions and guidance specific to your challenges and spiritual development.
I was born a sensitive empath who grew up experiencing feeling the energy of those around me deep within my body. As a visionary and a dreamer, my childhood was filled with wondrous, magical and mystical experiences all which prepared me for the role I am in today.
Having been an educator for most of my life, with a Masters Degree in education and many years experience within the public school system as a classroom teacher and also a Special Education teacher in New York and California, stepping into the role of spiritual advisor/teacher was an easy and natural transition to make.
When you sit down with me, you enjoy an intimate conversation with the Masters. Embrace this special gift, open your heart, learn to let go of your fears and truly experience the life you desire.
I invite you to ask your deepest questions and receive illuminating answers in a Private session. Enjoy Classes and Workshops and join with other like-minded individuals in a comforting, non-judgmental open environment. Relax with a Guided Meditation or Spiritual Vortex Tour and embark on a soothing journey inward.
Readings include assistance with the following:
• Psychic Readings
• Spiritual Development
• Spiritual Coaching
• Law of Attraction and Manifestation
• Meditation Practices
• Relationship Questions
• Clarity
• Career
• Identifying and Removing Energy Blockages
• Healing trauma and wounds of the past.
Reiki Master/Teacher
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Channel
New Earth Events Expos, CA – Presenter and Speaker – 2013 – 2015
Body, Mind, Spirit Expo San Diego, CA – Presenter and Speaker – 2014
Appeared on Counscious Awareness TV – “Healing of Hearts”

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5 Responses to Psychic: Aumara

  1. Congratulations! A customer left you a great review!
    Cathy F. just rated their experience 10 out of 10. Nice work!
    Review: I made a point not to reveal anything about myself, so the reading was both exceptionally accurate and life-affirming. Cathy F.

  2. Wonderful medium psychic reader. Helped me when I had questions about my sister who had recently transitioned into spirit. Thank you for your kindness. Yahaira V.

  3. 10/28/2017 – Aumara is an AMAZING healer. I went to her with terrible pain full body but especially my neck and shoulders which I over use on a daily basis with my work. It only took 45 minutes and my all over body pain was gone as well as an illness that I was trying to fight off but more importantly that night while at work I worked longer than usual due to ZERO neck and shoulder pain, I have not had zero pain in that area in over 20 years and it is simply gone. When in Sedona you must get a healing session with Aumara as well as a psychic reading which I did after the healing and it was unbelievable accurate. She knew what was going on in my life and had the most amazing insight on how to clear it and move forward it was truly a transformative experience for me….SHE IS A MUST EXPERIENCE IN SEDONA. Thankfully her gift is just as real over the phone so I can continue to work with her which is a true gift to me. – A.O – Sedona,AZ

  4. 3/15/2018 – My niece was in town from Ohio and we decided to go to Sedona for the day. Myself, my daughter and niece each got a reading. I have had readings before, but my daughter and niece had not. It was a last minute decision on the ride up from Phoenix and Aumara was very accommodating to meeting us in the afternoon. We then followed her to a vortex for our readings. It was so beautiful and she was right on with all three of us. I myself, received some very important messages that mean the world to me. I can’t wait to see her again. I highly recommend her if you are in Sedona and want a once in a lifetime experience. – Rachel – Scottsdale, AZ

  5. 1/20/2019 – I met with Aumara mid-December. She is the real deal and a great person. I was having knee pain for a while and the pattern of it encouraged me to seek an energy-based healing. I was driving to Sedona and found her name on Yelp (thank you) with great reviews. She was able to see me and I was very grateful for her being so flexible with her schedule. My knee feels much better! During our session I received helpful messages from Aumara and also a gentle message from my spirit guide. Thank you Aumara for an amazing experience! I will always be grateful for your kindness, skills, and gentle manner. – Janice C Great Valley NY

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