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Banah Winn is an accomplished musician and multifaceted intuitive healer with over two decades of experience as a musical leader, songwriter, engineer, and producer. From his early days of drumming on pots and pans at the age of 3 to touring across the US and Europe, including major festivals like ‘Primavera Sound,’ Banah’s connection to the healing power of sound has been undeniable.

With a foundation enriched by 15 years of vocal training under esteemed coaches across San Francisco, Portland Oregon, and Santa Barbara, Banah’s journey into intuition began as a devoted practitioner of yoga. Nine years of rigorous daily practice, including Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Vinyasa, ignited the spark of mindfulness and spirit within him.

Amidst the global quarantine, Banah’s pursuit of wisdom led him to the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Dr. Joe Dispenza, setting him on a transformative path of intuition and meditation. Meditating 3-5 hours daily for two consecutive years, Banah cultivated a profound connection to his inner guidance, embracing intuitive decision-making as a way of life.

Banah’s offerings, available through both video chat / phone and in-person sessions, include:

1. Psychic and Tarot Card Readings: Leveraging his innate psychic abilities and connection to the ethereal, Banah provides insightful readings designed to offer clarity and understanding. These readings serve as a pathway to unlocking hidden insights.

2. Musical Healing and Live Energy Concerts: Through the resonance of his guitar and vocals, Banah channels affirmations that facilitate profound shifts. His live concerts are immersive healing experiences akin to Reiki, where the vibrations of his music penetrate deep into the soul.

3. Galactic Channeling: Bridging realms, Banah connects with benevolent star beings, channeling their guidance and healing. Through these encounters, he offers high-vibrational experiences and deep emotional healing.

4. Vortex Tours and Musical Adventures: As human dowsing rod, Banah’s psychic abilities are instrumental in leading individuals to their most resonant experiences. With a deep connection to the land he guides sacred site journeys and ceremonies, infusing each excursion with music that aligns with personal transformations. (In-person only)

Banah’s intuitive and psychic prowess permeates each offering, adding an extra layer of depth and insight to his sessions. His captivating energy and musical talents create a seamless fusion of healing and transformation. With gratitude, Banah embraces a life brimming with synchronicity, joy, and profound transformation.

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