Intuitive Psychic

With a mix of classic and contemporary divination tools, I can also assist you in accessing a higher perspective and a deeper clarity in the areas of your choosing, including but not limited to business, creativity and partnership. As within, so without. Through the process of illuminating and integrating the unconscious beliefs acquired during childhood and along the journey of life, you have the opportunity to transform your roadblocks into building blocks, and fearfulness into empowerment. Then, you’ll watch your life exceed your wildest dreams right before your eyes.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the spirit speaks through Devin. I literally was in tears by the end of the reading with her extreme accuracy on my current situation. I highly recommend her. Such a soothing voice relaying messages…” Raven Phoenix

I’m Devin Angelet, a psychic intuitive, nationally acclaimed musician and creator of TME, a Transformative Musical Experience for those who are ready to make lasting change in their lives. My hypnotic, velvety voice combined with the timeless sounds of a Steinway grand piano, world percussion and more, will send shivers down your spine and take you on a journey where you can relax and get intimate with the feelings and sensations of the eternal moment.

Meet Your Psychic

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What My Customers Are Saying

Devin was amazing and she helped me not just prepare for my future but also what I need to do to make myself a better and more successful person so thank you, Devin!!
– Mason R.