Psychic: Eric

I have been aware of my intuitive empathic nature since the age of ten. I have since worked individually and with coaches to hone and develop my gifts and skills so that I can help others on their journey to profound changes in energy and circumstances. I am focused on using my Insight to guide you in manifesting what you truly desire. Join me to explore and discover the adventurous and joyous freedom in breaking through blocks and patterns that do not serve you.

-Intuitive Healer
-Phone Readings
-Pet Healing
-Emotional Blocks
-Energy Healing
-Chakra Balancing
-Oracle Divination

Schedule a reading to get answers to questions like:

-How am I blocking love in my life right now and what can I do to release this block?

-What can I do to be truly happy?

-What actions can I take right now that will help me further my career?
And more…


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