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Erin has had gifts since she was a child, but did not realize at the time that her experiences were special or unique. She has always had a deep desire to be in service to others, and before fully acknowledging her gifts, the field that resonated the most for her was psychology. As she continued to embrace her spirituality and step into her purpose, she found herself continuously drawn back to her gifts as a way to help her process and integrate different aspects of her lived experience. Slowly starting to acknowledge the signs and synchronicities on her path reminded her of her gifts and allowed her to be open to tapping into them further. She continued realizing her talent and skill through her unique and personal connection with Source. Then, Erin left school psychology in 2019 to pursue more resonant work and it has been taking shape ever since. Erin uses her psychic abilities and background in psychology to help people find clarity and connect with their soul path.

Erin is a Starseed Healer and Psychic Guide and offers both Psychic Services and Healing Services to assist you in finding clarity, releasing blocks, and connecting to your soul path.

Psychic Services:
Erin bridges the gap between science and spirituality, empowering you through channeled guidance from your higher self, guides, and angels while offering practical tools based on the laws of the universe. Psychic readings and consultations are offered both in person and over the phone.

> Psychic Tarot & Oracle Readings: Gain clarity, deeper insights, and answers from your higher self, guides, and angels to assist you in moving forward on your highest timeline.

> Spiritual Guidance & Counseling: Support with depression, anxiety, awakening, relationship problems, anger, grief, personal growth, and more.

> Consultation for Parents of Psychic & Gifted Children: Erin offers support, guidance, resources, and practical tools to help you raise your psychic and gifted child.

> Crisis Support: Sometimes we need trusted support in our most turbulent moments. This is a safe and compassionate space for you to be witnessed and express the depth and fullness of your experience without judgment. Erin will hold space for you in the way that you need in the moment through active listening and mirroring. This can also include collaborative problem-solving if that is something you choose. This therapeutic space is focused on honoring your experience and individual needs; unsolicited advice and premature invitations to problem-solve are avoided.

Healing Services:
Erin specializes in evaluating and optimizing your energy field. During this treatment, she may clear, charge, and balance energy; repair chakras and layers of the energy field; and remove blocks, low frequencies, cords and other distortions that are impacting your life. Healings are offered both in person and remotely.

> Reiki & Chakra Balancing
Reiki is a type of energy healing that allows the flow of Universal Life Force Energy, channeled through the practitioner to the recipient. Reiki treats mind, body, and spirit. Erin’s Reiki sessions are often combined with Chakra Balancing and Sound Healing. This service is offered both in person and remotely.

> Sound Bath Healing
Access deep cellular healing and repair, find full body relaxation, release blocks and balance chakras, and revive mind, body and spirit.

> Cord Cutting
Energetic cords can be formed through our attachments to other people. You can have energy cords connecting you to family members, friends, lovers, exes, coworkers, and even people you’ve met briefly. Cords can weigh down your energy, especially if they hold negative energy. If you are having trouble forgiving or moving on from someone or find that you are holding onto resentments, heartache, anger or other negative emotions, you may have energetic cords that you will benefit from cutting. You can even cut a cord that is positive but feels too needy, such as a friendship that you appreciate but know that you depend on too heavily. A cord cutting session helps heal, clear, and balance your energy by removing cords that tie you to unhealthy situations and people. Cord cutting is offered both in person and remotely.

> Space Clearing
Space clearings are necessary because energetically speaking, everything that happens in a building is recorded in the walls, furniture, and other objects in the space. Repetitive occurrences are even more deeply imprinted into the space, as well as events that elicit strong emotions. Also, when people come in and out of the space they bring their energy with them and leave debris and stagnant residue behind. The atmosphere can become heavy and dense, making it challenging to feel at ease or release tethers to progress forward. Just as you regularly dust, sweep, and mop your space it is important to energetically clean and clear your space. Erin recommends a full space clearing once a year, or sooner if there has been a major life change such as ending a relationship, career, etc. Maintenance clearing is also recommended every 3 months or even every month, depending on the circumstances. Space clearings are offered both in person and remotely.

> Crystal Prescription
Crystals are a gentle way to support you in shifting your energy and alleviating a wide range of issues and problems. As part of Erin’s healing sessions she offers suggestions on which crystals will support you in balancing chakras, clearing your energy, protecting and grounding, and specific concerns you are dealing with. This service is offered both in person and remotely.

> Intention Setting Ceremony Manifest your Heart’s Deepest Longing
This special appointment connects you to your heart’s deepest longing and serves to magnify its manifestation in your life through the power of the quantum field. This ceremony combines yoga Nidra, sound healing, and aligned action to amplify the power of your intention and magnetize your desires into your physical reality.

> Quantum Healing Past Life Regression
Connect with your past and access information and experiences that bring clarity and healing. Release blocks in your current lifetime, gain insight into your experiences and your purpose and ask your higher self questions in this deeply profound session that Erin facilitates. Past Life Regression is offered both in person and remotely.

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