Intuitive Psychic

In 45+ years as a metaphysical practitioner, Jeannie has developed a highly attuned awareness to subtle vibrational energy fields, using intuitive ability, experience, and personal evolution, she is able to identify the physical, emotional mental and or spiritual level which each client is moving toward. Studies include: human bio-field (chakra), energy healing, tarot, astrology, runes, iching, transpersonal psychology, neuro-biology, hypnosis, neurolinguistics, sacred sites and ancient Spiritual practices.

“I am dedicated to the evolution of your Soul. I guide people to higher states of consciousness, to recognize their Soul identity, and live from their most authentic, truly empowered self.”

Services include
Soul-Centered Astrology – Karmic Integration – Tarot – Vibrational Healing – Quantum Energy – AromaTouch Therapy – BEMER – Chakra Release – Yoga & Meditation teacher, Subconscious Restructuring – Sound & Light Healing – Bio-electric Meridian Therapy – Nutritional Consulting – Mind-Body Wellness – Sacred Relationship

BEMER Therapy Quantum Energy Sessions Red Light LED Therapy Sound Vibration Therapy Biofield Tuning Fork / Chakra Clearing

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