Psychic: Jennifer

Come and sit a while with The Masters, Archangels and I.

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Being born into a family history of shamans and psychics, my life at a pretty young age was consumed with knowing that we are not alone. From the teachings of my Grandfather Whitecloud to the teachings from my father. At a very young age I knew that I walked a path of many lifetimes. I knew that I walked with some amazing Archangels, and Masters.

My mother was always great with a standard deck of playing cards
and always would forsee for each of us our futures.
She would often read my cards and my father would
always confirm that it would be a life of spirit.

I have always been one to read a person from a handshake or by their eyes. I have combined the techniques of both my mother and father into my readings. My readings are indepth, accurate and very point on. I stand by every reading that I perform and I stand within the knowing that for each person that comes and sits with the Arch Angels, Masters and I that your true life calling, that your divine matrix and your heart will be ignited into the truth of all that is.. I have been able to predict bad situations, deaths including my own fathers, friends, family members and children. I know it’s sad when we lose a loved one. But through the divine alignment and through the grace of all that is, we can bring your heart and mind to a place of stillness so that you too can open to unlimited possibilities and even feel the energies of those crossed over. I can and will assist you in clearing the blockages that keep you from experiencing life to its fullest. I can teach you the Masters way of handling relationship issues. I can also let you glimpse into The Book Of Life: Your truth, my truth, humanities truth. So if you feel you’re open and you’re ready to receive come and sit a while with The Masters, Archangels and I.
Namaste. Jennifer

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