Clairaudient Energy Alchemist

It has been my driving focus in life to break through the veil of illusion that surrounds humanity, illuminate the light and wisdom available to us in the ethereal realms and bring that illumination into the physical that we might see ourselves more fully, see our paths more definitively and gain the clarity useful to us in navigating through life’s daily booms and busts.

I have been a proponent of and practitioner of the natural healing arts nearly my entire life. Hands-on healing techniques such as reflexology, quantum touch, shiatsu, massage therapy, and natural healing through herbology and homeopathy, I have studied them all and believe 100% that our body, mind, spirit balance is that which keeps us in overall harmony and health or in discord and dis-ease.
Being born with the abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance I have brought these abilities into an integrated approach at awakening and healing both myself and all those I am able to work with on all levels; physical, energetic and spiritual

My approach is to connect with your personal guides and angels, next I clear and open your channels of physical energy then communicate any and all messages I receive and answer any questions you have for your messengers.
I utilize tarot cards, crystals, tuning forks, tingshas and singing bowls for this purpose.
I also have a collection of 10 pure crystal singing bowls that are tuned to 432hz frequency, the frequency of the Earth, and are keyed to 10 of the major energy centers in and around our physical bodies. With these bowls I offer sound bath therapy for individuals or groups (up to 6). Sound bath therapy is a therapy wherein all bowls are played as needed and in combinations to balance the personal energy centers of each and every participant present.
The overall effects will vary for each individual and can include: deep relaxation, physical realignment, inner peace, mental clearing, astral travel, opening and releasing deep emotional hooks that have been causing blockages in our physical bodies… The effects are unique to each individual and are long-lasting as the fluid in each cell of our bodies is vibrated and in that action, shaken, realigned and reset for a more pure expression of self and a more pure experience in living. When our energy centers are aligned and our health and well-being is in balance we are able to be more fully our authentic selves in every moment of every day!

I welcome the opportunity to work with you, to communicate with you personal guides, share their messages and help restore balance, health and purpose to your life.

-Unlock your true potential -Reveal your life paths purpose -Discover Why you are here -Open and release energetic blockages -Balance and restore chakra functioning -Repair and reactivate DNA capabilities -Heal karmic wounds and fissures -Open third eye vision and stimulate the pineal gland

Meet Your Psychic

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What My Customers Are Saying

Kim connected immediately.. She knew exactly what my question was concerning my career and life path. Lovely, kind, and wonderful insight 🙂 I will have her help me again in the future ..
Thank you..

– Stephanie C. on Mon, Feb 28 2022