Intuitive Psychic Medium

Priscilla’s psychic abilities began at the age of eight years old. Studying Christianity for 12 years, Priscilla has a firm foundation in God and is very connected to spirit.

Being a clairvoyant Clairaudient intuitive empath . Priscilla uses her gifts to help give peace of mind clarity direction with future predictions.

Having had two past life awakenings, Priscilla knows her true life’s soul purpose, and that is to help break any bond or chains to help the collective reach its highest self.

Successfully having an ongoing YouTube channel, Priscilla is now offering readings at the Center of the New Age.

During a psychic reading with Priscilla, you can expect answers to all your needs. Transform and evolve your life, moving through with grace and ease by setting up your session with Priscilla today.

Do you have questions about love? Are you looking for your soulmate? Priscilla can help you find the answers you need to achieve your highest and best in your relationship with your spouse or lover or even guide you to the ways in which you can attract that dream partner.

Meet Your Psychic


What My Customers Are Saying

“Thank you so much for completing my reading.  You gave me valuable insight into my past and what to expect from the future.  I am hopeful it will be as good as the cards show.  I will be using your input and guidance both today and in the future.
Have a wonderful weekend!” -Jennifer

“Thank you so much!! So I am in a fairly new relationship with a Virgo man who loves nature as I do. This reading is amazing and giving me the confidence I need to move forward . (Haven’t had the best past relationships) 
So thank you and you are a beautiful soul ” -Mary