Buy Night Vision Goggles

Own your own PVS 7 Generation 3 Night Vision Goggles

As used on our UFO Sighting Tours by Melinda Leslie “The UFO Lady”

  • Allows you to see up to 20,000 times more light than the naked eye
  • These come with all the bells & whistles!
  • Comes with an Operator’s Manual & a 2 year Warranty

Retail price is regularly $2,999
Your price is a low $2,599
Headgear strap unit is $100 extra.

Call Melinda at The Center for the New Age for more information
Click here for Night Vision Goggle UFO Sighting Tour information

Sky watching for UFOs with military Generation 3 Night Vision Goggles is fast being credited as “the best way” to have a UFO sighting because it assists you to see UFOs with amazing regularity!

This military technology really works and is said to be from back-engineered ET technology!

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