Simplify Your Life : A New Age Principle

Simplify Your LifeLiving a simpler life starts from simplifying it. Most people yearn for it and yet find themselves tangled in the complications of the daily life. Most of the Eastern beliefs focuses on the notion that less is more. And for most of us who were raised in a society where standards includes a lot of complexities and material gains, simplifying one’s life remains to be a challenge but not an impossibility.

Here are few things to ponder on how one’s life can be simple:

  • Don’t be a slave to social expectations

Try not to be too pressured on meeting the social expectations. The best way is to know your own standards and make sure that they are realistic, fulfilling and makes you happy.

  • Cut down watching television

If you’ll sum up the hours that you spent watching television in a year, you could have developed a new skill, travelled to another place or read quite a number of interesting books. Television is a time drain so try to cut watching it down.

  • Avoid chasing the latest tech gadgets

Each month, a new electronic gadget or model of it is being introduced to the market and a lot of people can’t seem to get enough. Remember that these gadgets have their purpose and though viewed as a “must have” in social status, it is best to stick to what you need and not what “everybody has”. Remember that your life will be much simpler if your tools work according to what you need them to perform – and the truth is, most of the latest tech gadgets have features that you can live without.

  • Learn to let go

Most people hold on to things that they don’t necessarily need. If you keep them in your life and in your house, they will eventually pile up and turn to clutter. Clutters keep you from experiencing new things and therefore holds you back. Here are the top three things that you need to let go:

  • Gifts – they are special but you do not have to keep each of them. You can keep a few that you find really important – like a family heirloom or a table cloth that has been passed to generations.
  • Negative memories – these can suffocate you and hold you back in the long run. Learn to forgive so that you won’t carry the pain of it for a long time.
  • Sentimental stuff – your home is not a junkyard so it’s OK to say goodbye to things that may no longer serve you in the present. Old bicycles and broken vases from your overseas travel have to go.

Simplifying your life starts by asking yourself what you need rather than what you want. Most of the time, we have what we need and we just have to learn how to be happy of what we have and what is essential. The New Age movement have several principles that can help you understand that life’s fulfillment is not necessarily what material possessions can bring. Know more about New Age believes by visiting

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