What is Soul Retrieval ?

Soul RetrievalSoul Retrieval

Loss of vital essence, or soul, is a self-protective response to trauma. When the psyche feels it cannot survive a particular situation –abuse, addiction, or danger –part of our vital essence seems to split off in order to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain. This loss creates damage to our energy body and our spirit. Shock is the word usually used to describe this condition.

When we are out of the traumatic situation or more able to cope, the lost parts may return on their own or with our conscious effort. When that loss of essence is so great that we feel “empty” or that “something is missing,” when we have chronic illness or grief, or when we have memory repression of events or long periods of our lives, then help is needed in recovering the lost essence.

The shaman’s way of working is quite different from the therapist’s. The shaman does not try to use his own knowledge, abilities, cleverness or power to help his client. Instead, the shamanic practitioner will travel or journey for the client in an altered state of consciousness where he or she enters non-ordinary reality in pursuit of these lost soul parts. Non-ordinary reality is different from and not the same as the unconscious. Rather, it involves the subtle energy which is non physical and part of overall consciousness, and the corona of energy around living beings. It is this corona of subtle energy that holds a great deal of information, well-being or disease, emotional states, mental attitudes and past lives and is where our lost soul parts go.

The shaman relies on spirit helpers and guides to bring him into contact with the client’s own spirit power (soul) in order that it may be brought back home to the client’s body. Shamanic Soul Retrieval focuses on the return and integration of this lost life-force after which the individual can move forward in their life without being anchored to the past, and live a full and productive life.

Soul Retrieval is a gift from the spirit world, yet another facet of the Magical, Mystical brought to you by the Center for the New Age.

If you would like to read more about this process, see Soul Retrieval:  Minding the Fragmented Self and Welcome Home:  Following Your Soul’s Journey Home, both by Sandra Ingerman.


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