StauroliteStaurolite stones are unique. The name is derived from the Greek Stauros, meaning “cross.” Well formed crystals criss-cross at 90 or 60 degree angles to form a cross within the stone giving way to their more popular names, “fairy stones” or “fairy crosses.”

These curious little stones are considered good luck charms. Their average size is about an inch, making them easy to wear as jewelry or to carry around in a pocket. Since early times, staurolite has been identified as a charm that would protect children from evil spirits and often thought of as a protection against witchcraft, disease and accidents. Fairy stones have a lovely soothing energy that helps to relieve stress, anxiety and fear. By helping to soothe your emotions, these stones will help you to improve your overall emotional well-being.

Fairy Stones are known to help you to feel less afraid and calmer during times when you might normally feel fearful. They can stabilize the emotions and bring about a feeling of protection, safety and security.

They also have healing attributes in the physical body with an energy that will help you to let go of destructive habits such as smoking.

If you have lost something and want assistance to find it, another helpful aspect of their energy is that fairy stones are known to be able to help you to find lost objects. A common effect of using these crystals is to become more aware of the way that you treat the earth. For some this may foster an interest in conservation, and a desire to make sure that you do all you can to ensure that the environment you live in is not affected detrimentally by your actions.

Be it luck, superstition or legendary belief, the staurolite crystal is a wonder of nature used by healers to counter the effects of aging, muscle and blood formation and general well being. They are a great gift to pass along to others who seek hope and want to change their lives for the better.

May the charms of the Fairy Stone make you blessed
Through the days of labor and the nights or rest
Wherever you stay, wherever you go
May the beautiful flowers of the good fairies grow.


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