Take the no Gossip Challenge

Anita DaltonI love the way everything in our lives are so synchronistic It seems every time we have a challenge here at the Center, Joel Osteen and Michael Mirdad are addressing the same issue that week. The universe gives us challenges so we can learn how to empower ourselves. Other peoples challenges are none of our business. So why do we involve ourselves in other peoples drama.

Maybe it’s the same as watching reality TV. When your doing your own movie, you don’t have time for drama. When your not focused on what your creating, it’s easy to get distracted judging someone else.

But those juicy details are not feeding your soul. What someone else thinks of you is none of your business. When people are trying to discredit you, it’s because your a winner. People are jealous when your doing something, they can’t. And then the gossip and drama begins.

Not everybody can handle your success. Don’t waste your emotional energy on what other people think. You may be misunderstood. Don’t be surprised when your success makes others insult you. Walk away from an offense. Don’t waste your time on people who will never be for you. If someone doesn’t accept you, it’s their problem.

Stop trying to get other’s approval. Be at peace. Don’t let everything in. Guard your heart from negativity. If it’s not positive, don’t dwell on it. No one has power over you. Let God fight your battles. Stop the panic and worry. Don’t let your ego fight your battles.

The universe only works in your favor when your in peace. Nothing can offend you without your permission. If you allow someone to offend you, your giving away your power. Ignore what other people try to upset you with. Make the decision to stop allowing things to upset you.

What we continually think about we create in our lives. This person is doing this or that, keeping you from your good only if you believe it. Forgive those shortcomings of others who have nothing to do with you. They can’t keep you from your good if you don’t listen. Go ahead, just try it for one week.


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