Test Your Enlightenment

Exactly, what is spiritual enlightenment? Well, Wikipedia would define it as full comprehension of a situation. It is synonymous with self-realization or finding the true self. But what does that really mean and how do you know when you have it. As owner and teacher of the Center for the New Age in Sedona for the past 18 years, I’ve met and worked with hundreds of people who claim to have achieved enlightenment. Are they really? Or are they merely well read. Do they pretend to understand? Marianne Williamson said at a recent gathering, “the time for collecting information is over, it’s time for action.”

Just because you do Yoga and meditate doesn’t mean you’re enlightened. Although, it is a good indicator that you’re at least headed in the right direction. Now exactly what degree of enlightenment do you possess? Peace, Love, Joy, Energy, Health, Compassion Improved Intelligence, Awareness, Intuition, and Psychic Powers are all interesting signs of a strong Spiritual Practice. I can tell you first hand that you don’t have to be spiritual to be Psychic. So how do you know, you are developing spiritually?

Well the first obvious indicator would be the amount of time you practice spiritual principles. Regardless of how much you get involved in the business of spiritual sciences, if you’re not practicing every day; your growth will be slow. It has to be your number one priority. The next indicator would be you speak less about you. You’re not feeding your ego as much and giving importants to its ambitious demands. You end up being available to help others with what they want and need. This makes you an excellent listener. You talk a lot less. You become charming and others notice a change in your character and presence. You’re at ease, confident, compassionate. There is magnetism about you.

Now you become disenchanted with materialism. It’s not to say that you don’t enjoy the nice things in the world. It’s more that you’re not attached to them; you don’t crave them, even though you may possess them. You may feel a stronger pull towards nature and wholesome living. Another sign is how mindful you are throughout your day. When upsets occur and anger is boiling up, you stop and take time to stand apart and witness your feelings. You remind yourself to remain dispassionate. You become at ease with life and learn to go with the flow. There is a sense of everything is perfect, even when life is not going as you would like it and you seldom lose your composure. The “How “becomes less Important.

Maybe the best sign of your degree of enlightenment is when you experience the non-dual reality and have transcendental experiences. You realize you have everything you need to awaken and although others still inspire you; you no longer need anything from them. You are self-motivated and happy in your aloneness.

In fact your energy becomes disturbed when you are surrounded with lesser vibrations. You look forward to playing the Game of Life on Planet Earth and you play by the rules.

The book “True Enlightenment” says the litmus test that will reveal whether or not those in your company are truly enlightened is whether or not they treat everyone else as if they too, are enlightened. Thoughts become things, so choose good ones. Namaste!


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