The “I AM” Presence and Manifesting Your Reality

TheThe “I AM” Presence and Manifesting Your Reality
by Scottie Littlestar – Spiritual Psychic of Sedona

Having been at the Center for the New Age since 10/95, I have learned quite a lot from the Ascended Masters, Angels and my clients’ spiritual teachers and guides about who we are, our purpose here and what the true meaning of life is. However, it was a little piece of paper that fell out of one of the ‘Magic Presence’ books that I had bought the entire set of, that really taught me one of the most profoundest piece of spiritual knowledge – ever.

I was going through the books (which I had ordered through the Center for the New Age) and a little piece of paper fell out. It was a copy of an old typewriter printed story of how President Woodrow Wilson was asked to speak at the Cambridge University on ‘Commencement Day’ (that’s Graduation Day). On that day, he told the students that there was a physician, who, upon x-raying the human heart, discovered the tri-fold flame of God in one of the chambers. (The tri-fold flame of God is a gold flame up the middle, with a blue flame and a pink flame wrapped around it). He was so astonished that he x-rayed that same human heart something like 2,000 or 4,000 times and each and every time, he saw the tri-fold flame of God.

Do you know what that means and how really profound that is? Each one of us is carrying the tri-fold flame of God in our hearts…the ‘spark’ of life that came from the original creative life-force. That means that “Every single thing that we think, say and do…we are in constant co-creation with God, our realities”.

If I may leave you with this thought (to help you master your mind and consciously create the reality you want): “Everything that follows the words ‘I AM’…you create.” So if you are going through tough times on any level, say this next phrase over and over again in your head, to encourage your body (on all levels) to create it:
“I AM Well, Happy and at Peace Within.”

Scottie Littlestar – Spiritual Psychic of Sedona


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