What are Auras ?

auraAuras, The Human Aura

The human aura is a developmental, life-sustaining energy force that characterizes every human being. Under appropriate conditions, the aura can be seen by almost everyone, but the most common device for seeing an aura is the “aura camera” that photographs the electromagnetic energy surrounding the physical body.

The aura is sensitive to the totality of our inner and outer environment. Mental, physical and spiritual factors constantly interact to influence the aura. Personality, traits, healthy status, personal interests, social factors, emotional states, and surrounding conditions can have an immediate and critical effect on the aura.

A host of negative mental states such as anxiety, hostility and frustration assert a wear and tear effect on the body and drain the aura system of its energy. Likewise, low self esteem, a poor self concept and negative social interactions can seriously deplete its energy supply. Environmental pollutants and certain drug substances can temporarily discolor or constrict the aura.

Love, the most powerful force in the universe, invariably expands, illuminates and energizes the aura. A positive self concept, a strong sense of well being, an inner state of balance and attunement, and a genuine concern for others all contribute to an aura system replete with radiant energy.

As an individualized chronicle of one’s life history, the aura can provide important information not available through other sources. In addition to past life and present life experiences, there are some who believe that future events, both positive and negative can be registered in the aura.

The human aura is never without color. Although the intensity and distribution of colors in the aura can vary extensively, the aura is typically characterized by a dominant color with a relatively stable aura structure. While areas of white are sometimes noted in the aura, a totally white aura which would signify perfection, is non existent.

The aura is a visible manifestation of the life force that energizes our total being. Without that energizing life force, the physical body could not function. Although our physical body depends on the life force as reflected in the aura, the life force does not depend on our physical body. The aura, therefore, in manifesting the life force underlying our existence, also manifests our immortality as a spiritual being.

Conscious awareness is the essence of our existence as a permanent energy force. Personal consciousness is cosmic energy uniquely designed to assure both our individuality and our immortality. Our existence as a conscious entity is sustained by an energy system which includes the aura and its inner core. That core is often thought of as the eternal spark of divinity that connects us to our spiritual origins, and gives meaning and permanence to our conscious existence.

Death, rather than a termination of our existence as a conscious being, is a gateway to another dimension. Although at death the physical body “expires” as a life form, the non physical remains energized as it ascends to the discarnate realm. In that realm, the permanent life force which has always been reflected in the aura, remains the energizing life force underlying our existence as a conscious entity. In some instances, the disengaged aura is seen as a glowing energy form gently rising from the physical body at the time of death.

The human aura system is intricately connected to our entire being. It permeates and energizes us; it is an ever evolving chronicle of our lives; it is the manifestation of our destiny. It does not end at death; rather, it remains as testament to our eternal connection with the Universal energy of the cosmos.

Aura Photos

auraHere at the Center for the New Age, we offer the Aura Photography that uses the Biofeedback process to capture the human energy field in a Polaroid picture.

Through the use of special templates, we are able to channel the energy from your hands directly to the camera where the information is then rendered on a Polaroid picture.

This type of Aura Photography is based on the Kirlian Photography of the late 1960’s and has been refined and perfected gaining recognition and respect in mainstream society.

Aura Interpretation

At the Center, every Aura photo is “read” and interpreted by an Aura Intuitive Reader who will be able to tell you what you have done in past lives and what you are here to do in this lifetime.

In many cases, the aura reader will be able to pick up your spirit guides and determine if you have psychic abilities. For many, the aura reading will include future information and insights that can help you in business, your personal life and career.

Everyone who has an Aura Photo taken is touched and leaves feeling inspired. A very interesting reading indeed!!!

More info about Kirlian photography ( the basis for Aura Photos ) at Wikipedia

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