What is New Age ?

New Age

New Age

People often ask me “What is New Age ?”. Well I can only tell you what it is to me. Having being raised Catholic….I have always felt spiritual….I have always felt love….But I always did not feel Truth. So for me becoming New Age was looking for my truth, not anyone else’s truth. Truth may be different for every seeker, but still the basis for truth is love, goodness, integrity and sincerity and even though you will find a thread of that in most religions, some of that truth gets distorted by the ego. The Dali Lama once said” A person will interpret integrity, according to his own needs.

Every experience I had, every mistake I made, every religion I studied pushed me farther and farther toward understanding me. First understanding me as a human and then understanding me as a spirit. Once I understood me, I was able to understand other humans. Once I loved me I was able to love others. And once I developed unconditional love for others my life became so much easier. I was the only one in charge of me and my movie on the planet this incarnation. I took responsibility. The more a person connects to his own soul, the more he can do for humanity. The “New Ager” rejects organized religion and embraces instead and depends on his own inner divinity and innate wisdom of the Almighty Power in everything. Buddha said “Rely on yourselves, do not rely on external help”. The Christ also said” The truth will set you free”. The whole evolution of Humanity is based on reliance on individual efforts. Dependency weakens that evolution. Consider thousands that are mislead by those who misrepresent themselves as spiritual leaders and prophets when they have not yet developed the real ability they claim to possess. and have not been able to let go of their own almighty ego. It is important for the “New Ager” to use discipline to stay focused on the principles of truth and the abolition of the ego and judgement to achieve a close union with our real god self.

The New Age person focuses on the positive solution and rejects the idea of negative punishment. We don’t believe in a DEVIL. We learn to love by facing and transforming the hatred and fear within us. We teach by example rather than authority. New age spirituality is about becoming what we love about Jesus or Buddha. Its not about blame and abolishing evil forces. In Sedona there is an appreciation for the beauty and joy we create in this universe whatever the path we choose. The lessons will be learned sooner or later. I believe the energy in Sedona makes thing happen sooner. Our reunion with nature and mother earth seems to instill something in our soul we may have forgotten. And then there is this increased psychic knowingness that seems to flourish here because it is accepted as somewhat normal. Sedona draws more spiritual seekers than any other place on earth. Unlike Lourdes, the emphasis is on creating your own healing and miracles, rather than depending on outside forces to do it for you. No matter what your beliefs, a trip to Sedona will put something magical back into your life and your heart.

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