What is Reiki?

ReikiWhat is Reiki?

Reiki energy work is very popular today, and is even being used in major medical centers to relax patients and help them to heal. Scientists are studying and researching Reiki and its effect on humans and animals.  It was first developed and taught in Asian countries.  Reiki is known to be the primal energy that is responsible for the health and well- being of all living things. The word Reiki means literally “REI” representing the spiritual source of the universe and “KI” means the energy behind everything. It is a manifesting strong force of all that is!

Reiki energy cannot be affected by our conscious minds or anything negative. It can only create good. The energy is free of negativity and is filled with love, compassion, wisdom and all that is good. The energy knows the cause of difficulties and illness and how to heal them.  It’s good for everyone, the giver of Reiki and the receiver. Reiki energy works with symbols and intention. It works for everyone and also for animals. In fact, animals love it too!

What to expect in a Reiki session:

All a client needs to do is to be open. Some people like to share what difficulty they may be having or what they would like to gain from the session. However, Reiki works where it is needed, even if the client does not wish to share.  It can even heal past life wounds and subconscious negative thoughts.

The client lies on a comfortable massage table, fully clothed. To begin, I call spiritual guides and the Angelic Realm into the session…. they like the energy too!  During the session, the practitioner goes over various areas around the client’s auric field and body, intending the Reiki energy, which comes through the hands, for the highest good of the client. Sometimes heat is felt in the areas being treated which is a very relaxing and soothing heat.  Other times a lightness or coolness may be felt.  However, almost all people go into a meditative state and feel refreshed and energized after the session.

Reiki energy clears chakras and opens up the third eye as well. I have discovered that the more Reiki I do on myself and on others, the more psychic I become and the higher my vibration rises. I also find that, while doing Reiki sessions, I often receive spiritual messages about the person receiving the energy.  After the session, if they want to talk, I share those messages with them.

Reiki can also be used for long distance healing, as it is the primal energy of the universe, guided by the highest wisdom of the universe for the highest good of all.

My intention is to expose as many people to Reiki as I can, because it is so important to protect our energy fields especially during these spiritually expanding and changing times.

Ask our Concierge (928)282-7220 about a “Reiki Introductory Special” at the Center for New Age that includes Reiki, Chakra Clearing and Reading.

Once Reiki is experienced, many people want more and may even choose to then take Reiki training classes so they too can be part of sharing of this universal life force with others.  We are healing; our world is healing!!!


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