What is Sound Healing? by V’rasana Oannes

Sound HealingWhat is Sound Healing ?
by V’rasana Oannes

We get a lot of questions here at the Center for the New Age about sound healing. Most people know what a psychic reading is and have had someone read Tarot cards for them. But sound healing, what’s that?!

In New Age circles people talk about “light”; love and light, beings of light, the light body, etc., but truth be told light represents just a fraction of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy of which the universe is comprised. A more apt description of who we are would be vibrational beings. Everything is about vibration. Science has proven that 95% of the manifest reality is empty space with the rest made up of particles which vibrate at a given frequency thus giving the illusion of solid form when in fact everything is in constant motion; your body, the computer screen or mobile device on which you are reading this, the chair on which you might be sitting, etc.

That said, if we turn to healing when we are healthy all aspects of our consciousness are “in harmony”. When we are sick or experiencing disease in one form or another, this can be described as “disharmony”. This disharmony is a result of falling out of tune so to speak with the body’s ideal frequencies. Each chakra and organ has it’s ideal frequency.

By playing the desired frequency in some form; be it toning, a healing bowl, or a frequency generator, “harmony” (i.e., balance or health) can be restored to the affected area. This is just one example of sound healing.

We are complex beings; made up of a physical container in which the soul travels for the duration of each journey in the physical plane, any associated emotions,
thoughts/memories, relationships, spiritual beliefs, and so on and so forth. All parts are linked and any one part can hold the key to healing any or all of the other parts. It is possible to work in the Human Energy Field (HEF) also known as the aura and effect healing in the physical/emotional/mental body. Sound is well suited to this kind of work.

Healers often speak of “energy blocks” and “stuck energy” and these things can result in disharmony or disease. Musical instruments such as bells and rattles are ideal for breaking up stuck energy and patterns which no longer serve. I often begin my healing sessions with bells and/or rattles for just this reason. By first loosening any stuck energy it is possible to then re-attune the body/chakra/organ to it’s ideal vibration using a healing bowl or bell suited to this task.

As I mentioned above, all parts of one’s consciousness are linked and often the key to healing may lie in a place we don’t expect. For instance, a psychological issue may be related to a past trauma which is being held somewhere in the body. The trauma may also have in addition to the mental or psychological component some emotions which are also stored in the body. One way that people deal with trauma is to create images and defense patterns which are used by the rational mind or ego as a means of surviving or dealing with trauma. In order to heal past trauma, it is often necessary to bypass the ego’s defense mechanisms in order to re-experience the trauma (albeit in a safe environment with a professional) and release that which is trapped in one’s consciousness.

In my sessions, I make use of a couple of gongs; one to attune and align the client’s chakras; the other to override the client’s ego and allow whatever is stored in the body to be re-experienced and possibly released. Clients may experience deep healing during gong sessions. The deep vibrations emitted by the gong also induce a trance state which in addition to enabling physical healing can provide a platform for the client to experience astral travel and dreams/visions.

If you have further questions or are generally curious about what a sound healing session might look (or feel) like, please view the video which I have posted on my web page on the Center for the New Age’s website. I hope you will stop in for a sound healing sometime soon if you feel so drawn.

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