Winners and Losers

WinnersBy Anita Dalton – Center for the New Age

We all pretty much think we know the difference between Winners and Losers. Do we really? Is it about the amount of money they have, or their job? Or is it about their popularity, the awards and medals they have won? I have been on this planet over 60 years now and I think I finally know the difference. You see I have been both. I have been a winner and a loser and I got to tell you. Winner is better.

Winners are Happy and take full responsibility for everything they have created in their life, good or bad. Money is not a deciding factor in being a winner. Its happiness. Are you happy with your creation? Do you know you’re in charge of getting anything you really want? They feel fulfilled, inspired and motivated. They never blame or complain about anyone else and have compassion for others and see only their good and treat others with love and respect. They are happy when others win. And when they make a mistake, they own it. They know they are the only one in charge of their experience.

I know a Winner personally. She is my daughter. She knew me when I was a loser and loved me anyway. She never gives up facing life’s challenges. She gets up after every fall. She heals herself of every bruise and pain. She forgives all who have hurt her. She helps others see their divinity. She would do anything for her children and would spend her last dime fighting for their safety. She doesn’t need a medal or an award. She knows she’s done her best. She survived and she’s a winner because whatever obstacles are put in her way, she never gives up.

Losers are always bitching, whining and complaining about why everything that happens to them is someone else’s fault. They’re always pointing the finger and not taking responsibility. They try to deflect from their shortcomings by pointing out others shortcomings. They’re obsessed with gossip. They love to hear tragedy, what the Kardashians are doing, Tom Cruise’s divorce, Sylvester Stallone’s son dying, they may even have money, and lots of losers have money. They are jealous of others success.

If you’re Broke today, forget about others. Focus on your Dream. Get passionate about it. You have what it takes to make all your dreams come true. You weren’t left out of the God gene. You have what you need right now. Quit waiting to be thinner or smarter. Start dreaming yourself into the life you want now. Don’t let anyone get in your way. What they think is none of your business. You are a Winner.


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